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Research Chemicals

This has to be an extremely gray legal area. How are these sold legally. I have found anti-e’s, cialis, viagra, proscar and others in liquid form. I am certainly not complaining (Letrazole-several months supply for less than 50!), but what is the legal loophole that this goes through. Not to mention the patents of the pharmaceutical companies. Or are they selling it just for the extra profit, since there is such a large black market? I mean viagra for almost a tenth of retail?

Do these substances have to have a cerain schedule.
Is it simply not sold for use in humans (like fina)? Why can’t you order “other” medications for your lab animals?


I was just researching this last night… I couldn’t find a thing. Anyone have a clue? Are bulk hormone powders considered “research” as well?

I just read about the legality of research chems, I just need to find it again and I will post it.

Rick Collins also talks about this in his book Legal Muscle. It’s in there also, but I got a buddy who is borrowing it.

For right now I got the biggest Ferret on the block because of my research. Hopefully some other ferrets don’t die using the Liquid Clen, then all availibility for “Research Chems” will cease!

does legal muscle talk about canadian law at all regarding steroids/supplements?

if not, anyone know of a comparable book regarding canadian laws concerning gear?

I’m not going to pm anyone on “actual sites” but I will say if you know what chem you want (like letrazole) and type “liquid” in front of it you will find what you want. Once I can find out the actual legality of this I may be able to discuss more openly. And if AnyOne has a “powder” source they are going to guard it Jealously if they are smart. Finding a legit powder source that you can trust and is low profile enough is priceless.

I guess I really need to pick up Collins book.

here is a link to the article information on research chemicals and the law

Thanks-that did clarify a couple of things, though not the duplicate patents. Is viagra patented or just the “Name”? I have ceratainly seen generic knockoffs.