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Research Chemicals on Flight?


Can I bring my research chemical (nolva-clomid mix and cia) with me on my flight to Mexico City, Mexico on Friday? If I cannot, is there trick to bringing them with? Thanks for the help!


Just so I understand, you're wondering if the altitude will hurt them or are nervous about having such chemicals on you when your bag might be searched?


I lived in Mexico City for three years. It is merely a matter of chance if you get flagged to get checked...red light or green light. I would not sweat it even if you are checked.


I've been told to place them in my checked luggage. I don't want my bag to get searched. Any advice?


I've been told that they do not care about nolva/clomid and cia. What about clenbuterol? Would this be any different?


don't sweat it dude...they don't care about clen either. They don't even know what it is.


i know its not mexico, but last year i took nolva, clomid and arimidex with me to europe, i just put it in my carry-on in unmarked bottles with my supps, had 3 tins of Grow! and 2 bottles of fish oil as well as the aforementioned goodies, i was more worried about boarding myself, but went without a hitch.

you could always put them in an empty perscritption bottle if you want to go that far. i have heard some people just put it down their pants till they are through security.

good luck