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Research Chemical Shelf Life

Hey, i just got liquid nolva/clomid/anastrozle. I dont plan on using it for a while, does anybody know how long it can sit on my shelf unopened.

How long is awhile?

[quote]BUDs wrote:
How long is awhile?[/quote]
6 months. but overall im wondering how long it will last.

You should be fine. Should be good up to a year

Is this three separate products or a 3-in-1?

that shit’ll keep for years, don’t worry

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Is this three separate products or a 3-in-1?[/quote]
3 seperate bottles. liquid. i will name were i got it, but im not sure if this forumn allows that.

I don’t care the name, I was just curious if it was a 3-in-1 as I couldn’t see the usefulness of such a product. Since that isn’t what it is, my question is moot.