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Research Chem Legality in Europe?


I'm traveling around Europe (UK and EU) just after New Years. Was wondering if anyone here was familiar with the legality of liquid research chem PCT in these countries, ie, am I going to go to jail for life if I get caught with them at customs?



No problem in the UK but there are countries in EU that have stricter laws. But whats the chance they will search you at the customs?

You wont be getting anything but a small fine anyways..


I wouldn't dismiss the repercussions of a controlled substance possession so easily, GGlife. Don't listen to this guy. Check out the country-specific customs websites and do your homework on this one because the laws might fluctuate greatly and even then be subject to interpretation.

Your best bet is real-world experience with people living in that general area. bushidobadboy could probably point you in the right direction with legalities.


Sorry but I happen to live in Europe and the laws in my country are one of the strictest in the EU. I have also traveled around here and know the custom laws of the bigger countries.

So dont listen to me, right.

Of course you should read about the laws but Im almost 100% sure you cant find the exact answers for what you are looking for..


Thanks for your replies guys! I will definitely see if I can find the relevant laws for each country but as razii pointed out I dont think its that likely that I would be able to find specifics. Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling: