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Research Chem AI's

Has anyone used any research chem AI’s? I’ve been doing some research and from what I can find, nearly all are underdosed/bunk.

The few places I’ve checked out have aromasin for dirt cheap, but it seems the only people pushing the legitimacy of the product have some kind of affiliation with the company.

Luck of the draw man… If its low dose just up it and get bloods to confirm. If its totally fake then you’re kinda fucked either way.

there’s loads of really reputable research companies. I’ve used a few and have been happy with the results 99% of the time.

Find a reputable steroid board that has research companies as sponsors. They’re always legit.

I’ve used them with no problems. Have had bloods to confirm

there’s defiinitely good ones out there…

the only company i’ve had an issue with, is one that made capsules of products as well.

otherwise, all the liquid products i’ve used were great…

Cool… thanks for the response guys. I’ve been buying pharma grade from India, which actually isn’t too expensive, but I’ll have to try out some research AI’s now.

I just recieved torem, aromasin, and some cardarine from a research chem site. Dont know if i can name the websites but ive ordered from 2 diff companies and had good results. Watch out for the overpriced chem sites.

I paid 40$ for 25mg/ml 30ml bottle of liquid aromasin

[quote]TimedResults wrote:
I paid 40$ for 25mg/ml 30ml bottle of liquid aromasin[/quote]

Let me know how those work out for you. I still have a 8 month supply of pharma grade aromasin, so I wont need to buy for some time.

Do all research chems come suspended in alcohol? Having severe GERD even small amounts of alcohol give me flare ups.

there was only one kind i got that wasn’t in alcohol (it was a capsule), and it turned out to be bunk…

Currently using liquid T3 from one of the big research chem companies and it’s legit AF. Can’t speak on AIs as I get those with a script.

Most do, if you do some really hard looking, and deep research you can find capped ones, but its rare

I know it’s a very small amount of alcohol. I wonder if I dilute the amount I need in milk if that’ll help. Have any of you guys had issues with heart burn with research chems? Also and this may sound silly, but I do like to be aware of neuro-toxicity. Would that small amount of alcohol cause any toxicity issues? I’m guessing not since at most I’ll be consuming 1ml of solution and that’s with clomid and anatrozole combined. I will be using them everyday though. I am quite alcohol sensitive. One beer can get me buzzed. Some guys on some of the forums stated that some research chem companies use “peg”, I assume that means Polyethylene glycol.

on the same boat as you, thats why i found the caps, or ill take the PEG than mash a 5 or 6 tums, and hour later

Wow, it’s that bad? Where do you get the caps from? Not sure if you can say on the forum, but I don’t know how to send PMs…or even if you can. I assume PEG is a healthier option than alcohol, even if it does cause heart burn; provided it’s USP grade.

just research it, you’ll find them, don’t know if I’m allowed to say

I have found some, but they’re dosed way too high. I’m not sure what to do at that point; mix them in water?

don’t know if they would be water soluble or how that process would go