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Research Before Asking Questions


Is it just me.... Or does it seem like 90% of people who post questions to the forum don't do even remedial research before posting?

I always research issues deeply before asking any questions. Am I just strange in this way?

Is this a generational thing? Or is it a trust thing? A respect thing?

I think it's rude to ask questions that have been asked dozens of times before. It shows a lack of respect for the people I'm asking the question of. It's like not paying attention in class or in a meeting, and then asking everyone to repeat what was just said.

I am not willing to trust what anonymous people on an Internet forum say unless I have some basis to trust them. If I've done my own research, then I can figure out if the person answering my question has a clue.



You ask questions that you already have the answer to, so you can tell if someone else knows what they are talking about?

You have created another pointless thread. You must think you are brilliant.


Most people just want to be spoon-fed.


Are you from California?

Are you a lawyer?


Regarding your generation, yes, that probably has something to do with it. Old people are generally crotchety, and you may also be in the early stages of dementia. That is probably why you are complaining.

Regarding trust, again yes, intellectually dishonest posts coupled with the dementia have probably given you trust issues.

Regarding respect, it is probably that the posters respect the opinions of others on these forums, whereas you do not. This lack of respect probably arises out of your senility.

I think the bottom line is you care too much, take yourself too seriously, and are old and crazy.


Do you guys know anything about creatine?


Isn't that a steroid?


This post right here should answer the question why people post: It's all just a bunch of pointless yammering.

I mean did the little punk-ass even come close to answering? I'd say nope.

Do most of the posters that upload pics of their less-than-post-worthy physiques really want an honest critique? I'd say nope again.

Do most of the folks that post inane, bullshit questions like, "Can I take HOT-ROX with protein powder" really care if their question is answered? For a third time - nope.

What do they want? They want the satisfaction of seeing their screen name posted on the internet.

When I was a kid, when we found wet concrete we would write our names in it.

Same difference.


He asked if it was a generational/trust/respect thing.

For him I think it is a generational/trust/respect thing, he is old, has trust issues, and no respect for posters, and is dumb to-boot. That is the answer to those questions, I just explained my answers based on what I've read from him.


Hasn't this topic been covered before?


No - you didn't. You made a very lame assed attempt at being a smart ass. You got the ass part down pat - the smart has eluded you.


Yes, it has. Many times actually.


Good thing we have this thread to re-hash it.

Printing toilet paper


I've seen threads like those before on other forums. I disagree with the premise. Forums would not exist if it wasn't primarly for asking questions in regard to topics that do have available information (sometimes, even nearer to the asker than a thread); however usually the thread starter is looking for an explanation/feedback in a different way. Example, I myself am able to learn better from discussing than just reading, so I'd benefit even from asking a question I've only read about.


Agreed. Forums thrive because people converse on them.

These are good forums. Sure, there are trolls and other annoyances, but on the whole it's pretty good.

I don't think it's a big deal if someone asks a question, even if it's been covered repeatedly. If I'm not interested in the subject matter, I just don't click on that thread.

I definitely don't take it as personal disrespect.


Follow-up question: Why do the same people keep answering the same questions over and over again? It is to make themselves look like experts? Are they insecure?


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But he's not really asking that question again, it's just yet another opportunity for him to brag himself up, like 99% of his posts.


That's a pretty cynical view.

Perhaps they just genuinely enjoy helping people.


Do you always fully research the answers you post?