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Rescue Me


Did anyone see Rescue Me Tuesday with the Chatter Box and the Duct-tape?!?!? Holy shit that was funny. "Oh you naughty boy, tape!!"

Tommy sure thru his brother a beating. Something tells me Garity's relationship with Tommys sister isn't going to last long after that.



I fucking hate his brother, he deserved that beating, and maybe another one.

This show is the best show on TV, hands down. Better than the Sopranos.


It just keeps getting better and better IMHO. And I agree with Irish, his bro did deserve that beating. My favorite part is when his dad says "what could be better than chink food and birthday cake?"

I also liked it when Franco says to Garrity "alright, but if this doesn't work out, your mom's tits are on deck."

They're starting to get away from scenes involving firefighting though.


I have loved this show from the beginning. Hands down my favorite. I thought Tommy was going to kill his brother when he threw him through that car window...then I thought, Tommy can't kill him, that would end the show!

But I thought it was awesome when he saw their hands together...you could literally see the anger grow in him...then flying across the table...great.


I hope Franco doesn't get turned into a bitch this season, he's the best. Lou's storyline is very compelling too. And more shots of Sheila fucking please! I love her. For any other fans she played a similar part on HBO's The Wire, except you get to see the tiiiiiitttttiiiieeeessss!


Best show on TV. You could just feel Tommy's anger overtaking him when he saw his bitch wife, and his brother holding hands and playing footsie.

I think the probie's gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


That whole build-up as he sat there and got more pissed and was mulling over what he was going to do, was so excellently done.

His brother is a cock and deserves to have his head split open like a melon.

I didn't realize until it flashed in the credits that Tommy's sister is played by Tatum O'Neal.


I figured he was going to either hit the bar or his brother.

I realize that there is a lot of back story between Tommy and his wife that we haven't seen, but she seems to be a real bitch. THat whole "You're not emotionaly avalable" crap made me want to spit in her eye first season, now the thing with the brother is even worse.



Yeah...plus the comment she made two episodes back about their son. Saying that the good thing about him dying was that she didn't have to see him grow up to be just like his dad...that had to be the single most hurtful thing a person can say.


Franco needs to take his shirt off more. Hell, keep it off!


No homo


I hate to say it, because violence against women really disgusts me...but when he tossed that bitch onto the hood of that car while he was beating his brother..well, I was happy. I like Sheila alot more...especially that lesbian stuff she was doing.

I thought it was hysterical that he was upset about his daughter going superchristian until he found out that it meant no sex till marriage.


He should have punched her right in the babymaker. I couldn't wait for her and Sheila to start fighting though!


Its nice to see other rescue me fans out here. That was an awesome fight at the end, and the chatterbox duct taped was awesome. She was hot too...

I dont think they will turn Franco into a bitch. The probie gay, I can see it.

Unrelated topic. How about the shield coming back so soon?


Dooood....You just called a woman a homo...


Why don't you check to see the gender of the poster before you start name calling?


Thanks, LIT. You can always count on the drummer to keep the beat!!


Stop giving the plot away!!!! The Canadian channel that picks it up hasn't started airing this season yet....


Never mind, it's an Opie & Anthony thing.


They actually warned about that some time ago (or at least I read about it on some web site).

I'm just glad we don't have to wait until January!