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Rescue Me, What a Great Show

I looked at some of the threads about the show earlier and I saw what a huge fanbase this shows got on the site…

Just got done with season three so im all caught up…

God damn this show kicks some serious fuckin ass.

I don’t normally get caught up in tv shows but this is a great show. I could do without that Janet bitch though.

Not much to reply to here, just a great show.

I concur, its my favorite. Is Season 3 on dvd?

Ya I watch in when it’s on from time to time.

Have they started a new season already?

yeah man, tomarrow night is the 3’rd episode of the 4’th season and you already missed out on 2 amazing episodes. More specifically last weeks’ episode in which something very important happens to the captain. You best be watching and not missing out on this show. Its probably the best show on TV for the time being.


Show is great.