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Rescue Me Fans


I stopped watching the show a few years ago and want to pick back up.

The last thing I remember was (I think) Tommy being in his house that caught on fire.

I don't know what season to pick up on. I also remember his son getting hit by a car and the uncle shooting the guy that did it.

Maybe I'm mistaken and the fire was from season 1. I'm thinking I should be on season 3.

I'd read episode guides to figure it out but don't want to spoil anything


The car/shooting was the end of season 2. Tommy had a dream about his house being on fire in season 1, but was also in a burning house at the end of season 3.


Ok, yeah just watched Season 3 ep 1, seen it.

I recall him beathing the shit out of his brother. guess I made it thru season 3


This season kinda sucks. The whole 9/11 thing makes me think they couldn't come up with any decent ideas for a central plot.

Thank god for Michael J. Fox... dude is hilarious.


Im pretty sure the entire series is on Hulu.

I'm just now getting into it, so damn good.


I love it.
Kinda a blue-collar "Entourage" except WAY better.


Right kinda like Entourage except not at all. Gotcha ... fuckin oh-niners.

I watched the first four seasons on Hulu ... pretty badass ... Haven't seen any season 5 episodes yet.

Tommy's wife/ex-wife Janet is a fuckin hot but oooo what a bitch. Also, Sheila, what a fuckin' loon she is.

All around good show. J-Hova, it sounds like you'd be on season 4 .. it's on Hulu like WS4JB said