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Reracking Squats


My previous gym had no squat rack so I made do with Hack Squats and split squats. My new gym has a squat rack but when I try to re rack the bar and look to the side to see the hooks I tend to tip one side up higher than the other making it difficult to rack. Is this something that will come with time or is there a specific way of racking the bar?


lower the hooks.


Yup, sounds like the hooks are too high. You should be able to just step forward, touch the rack and drop the weight onto the hooks.


Guys, he said SQUAT RACK, ya know the thing with a bunch of places to rack the weight on an angle with saftey bars coming out. Different than a power rack with adjustable pins or Jhooks. Anyway

OP youre just a spaz. Use the lower catches if you need to.


LOL ouch!


Some people are silly and don't know the difference.

Others are silly and use the terms interchangeably.

Either way, the solution is pretty damn simple (I thought)...like y'all said, rack it on lower pins, duh.


Walk the bar all the way into the rack until it goes clang, then look to the sides to make sure it's lined up properly, then lower the weights.

Looking to one side has sometimes caused me to lower the other side (being a spaz and all).


EasyRhino cheers for the advice. BONEZ hungry4more it is the beginners section obv there is gonna be some things that seem slightly stupid but ill try that anyway