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Requirements for a Meet


Hey guys, me and a couple of my buddies are looking to compete in our first powerlifting meet. However, we want to just watch a meet go down before we compete. What requirements are needed to just watch a meet. I believe to compete I need to pay an entry fee as well as pay for a card from the powerlifting federation holding the meet. Do I need to do the same to watch a meet? thanks


Anybody can watch. There will probably be a small entry fee at the door.


Watching a meet doesn't require anything except paying 5-10 bucks usually to get in. You can stay for as little or as long as you like. Most meets start around 9-9:30, everybody squats first, then benches, then deadlifts.

Meets are anywhere from 6 to 12 hours long depending on how many people are lifting and how well run it is. Single lift meets (just bench) are obviously shorter. Watching beforehand is a good idea to see what it is like, hope you enjoy it


Watching a meet first is a great idea.

As the above posters said, it is inexpensive and such a great source of information.

I wish more people would do it before they first try to compete.