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Required Reps


Jim or anybody, I follow the 3 days a week workout from 531 second edition. I have made decent gains by always going AMRAP on last set every time. I guess I justified that because I hit a movement a little less often on the 3 day a week program.

Recently, I've been seeing 531 for older folks ( grey pubes ) and I know it's in the Powerlifting version, Do you think it would make more sense to just go required reps on my reg 531 program? Would my strength improve faster? Backround: 41 yr old..Natty ( if that matters ) Don't really follow templates just do a couple of the recomended exercises after the core lift for 3 sets of 10.


Just doing the required reps is an option if you're feeling beat up but if you're still making progress then I would keep going for rep maxes, IMHO.


Thx for the response. I guess in my head the question begs, would or could I make the same kinda gains I'm makin now but save my joints in the future by just doing the required reps. Videos of powerlifters training ( not maxing ) always shows them doing there reps KINDA easily like they COULD do a shitload more. I guess I'm looking at 5 years down the road, If just training with the required reps would yield the same gains in strength as max repping......... wouldn't the former just make more sense for joints and health?


Go for PR's not for as many reps as possible. Use jokers to your advantage.


Thx, I will