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Required Reps for Deload?


Jim or others, I run 351 doing the plus set most times as my base then when i wanto peak in 1 upper and 1 lower lift i add in heavy singles on 3 and 1 weeks usually in later cycles and maintain the other 2, have also found fsl for reps or 3x5-8 has worked wonders. My deload usually consists of 3x 50,60,70% for 5 every 7th week is there any reason why i couldnt do required reps 65,75,85% for 5 or do you just recommend that with 5's PRO? what is your reason for this? If i was to do req reps i would cut out the fsl and throws/jumps/conditioning would remain as per normal. Cheers.


The deload always has required reps - not sure if this is the question. If this isn't, please word it differently.


If you're deloading 50, 60, 70% you're already doing more work than is prescribed. To take it to 65, 75, 85% wouldn't really be a deload, you'd just be repeating week 1 without the plus set. If you're going to deload, do it right and give your body a break. You're not going to lose anything by doing so and, in fact, over time it will help you far more than it will hurt.


Thanks for the tip il stick with the 3x5 at 50,60,70%.


Beyond book has plenty of good deload options.

My favourites are: 65%x3, 75%x3, 85%x3 & High intensity deload.