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required refeed?

By accident this whole week has gone down hill for me. Wake up early, but late and skip breakfast type crap. Anyways, my question is this; if im eating around 2,200 calories a day by accident(for the last four days), oh about 250g are coming from CHO, do I need a refeed? cheat meal? or just up calories for upcoming days?

Da Boxer

Al, what are your goals? If I remember correctly, you’re cutting, right? Are you on track weight-wise for your next fight?

Cheat meals are for sanity. Refeeds are for refilling glycogen stores on a carb restricted diet and/or to boost leptin levels if you’re on a calorie restricted diet.

I’d say take in the extra calories in your choice of cheat meal or refeed if you’re on track or ahead of the game – and especially if your calories and energy levels are low.

Does that answer your question, or am I missing the point? (grin)

‘Terrible’ Tampa-Terry is back!

Where you been hidin’, Triple-T? :slight_smile:


Currently my weight is fine. With full glycogen stores and plenty of water I come in weighing usually 154-155 and weight for upcoming fight is 152. I upped the calories today and so far Im up to 3,000 which is maintance and I plan on one more meal.

this came about when I was inputting my daily nutrition in the log you sent me, it hit me that I was well below maintance but not to low in carbs or protein, fat was way down. So, I was just curious to see if I can go and treat myself to a cheat? thanks for responding TT, I’ll give you a call before my fight and let you in on my progress.

Da Boxer

Wow, Al, that’s great. Aren’t YOU just sitting in the cat bird’s seat!!! Methinks you deserve that cheat meal or a strategic carb refeed, yes! And then get right back on track.

Gosh, do you have any idea what I’d give to have your metabolism?!? Not taking anything away from your hard work and discipline, mind you.

Ike, yes, it’s been way to long, hasn’t it? I’ve been lurking as time permitted, taking care of things in my personal life. It’s good to be back. Of course I haven’t worried one bit, as your posts are always full of wit and wisdom. Me? I’m just long winded. (grin)

TT, this better not be a one-night stand.:wink: Seriously, we’ve definitely missed you.

I surely hope all is well with you and that your presence will be as regular as it used to be.

I know you were bombarded with quite a bit there for quite some time, but I surely hope that was not the culprit of your hiatus. If it was, let me know whose butt I need to kick for you. We can’t be having any of that anymore!

Good to see you, TT.

Sorry, Da Boxah, didn’t mean to jack the thread, but I think we’ve all missed TT a great deal.

Surely you jest. Me? Contribute? Ha! :wink:

All I do these days is pester Christian in his forum! (Just ask him, he’ll tell you.)

For what it’s worth, I really like what Tampa Terry said:

“Cheat meals are for sanity. Refeeds are for refilling glycogen stores…”

Any thoughts among the theoretical physiologists on how to QUANTIFY the TIMING of a refeed?

Here’s a practical self-assessment tool that I’ve been using as I continue to punish myself with “cardio” and kcal restriction…

I am shooting for a loss of 1 pound/week. I’ve noticed that if I lose more than 2 pounds/wk for two weeks consecutively, it’s time for some extra carbs in addition to my typical “Funday Sunday” (which is not over-indulging either). Assuming that rapid weight loss is typically glycogen and water, this makes sense.

And I am not afraid to take a week off “mid-diet” and double my carbs (i.e. 200 up to 400). No one is maximally replenishing carbs in 24 hours. I just came off such a week and I feel totally re-energized to get back to getting ripped!

PS Kudos to Timbo for the comments on literature from the likes of Tipton, Wolfe, and Ivy. Hey, aren’t they all Texans? Could this be mere chance?!

PPS Here’s a NEW ref, in case it hasn’t been shown re: P+C as being best…
Med Sci Sports Exerc 2003 Mar;35(3):449-55


Yo, T-Bo. A one-night stand with T-Mag?!?! Heck, I’d prefer a long-term relationship, myself. (grin)

Life, love and the pursuit of body composition perfection is going well – just eating into my T-Mag time. I was lurking there for a bit.

“Lurking” – such an odd word. Makes me think of a man in a trench coat on a dark, dimly lit street, hat pulled low to keep from being recognized.

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