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Requesting Your Expertise on My Program

I just started this program, I found a lot of success with using pyramids when I was young so adjusted my current plan to this. I have some arthritic joint issues and in my 40s, so thats why there is only front squats, i find the back squat to hard on my body. Thank you in advance for any help you have for me and this program.

Front squat. 6,8,10,12
Barbell bench press 6,8,10,12
Palm in pulldown 6,8,10,12
Overhead barbell press 6,8,10,12
Dips 3×10
Rack lift 3×10

Romanian deadlift 6,8,10,12
Incline barbell bench press 6,8,10,12
Bentover row 6,8,10,12
Dumbell lateral raises 6,8,10,12
Incline hammer curl 3×10
Calf raises 3×10

Front squat 4×8
Dumbbell fly 4×8
Prone dumbbell row 4x8
Barbell push press 4x8
Chin ups 3×10
Wrist rotations with barbell 3×amap

as well as, 2 or 3, 20-30 minute cardios.


It appears you’re not going to get a reply. I would guess it’s because it doesn’t coincide with CT’s training philosophy.
If you’ve had good luck with this type of training, there’s really no reason to ask someone’s opinion, I guess. Just keep on keeping on.
Good luck.