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Requesting Info on Enhancing Oil


Hi, i'm a longtime bodybuilder, weigh 210lbs, tanned etc and am looking to find a decent way of getting my arms and delts larger. I'm looking for a synthol or what have you. Could somebody give some advice about this, and hopefully a website for ordering it? Thanks!


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there's a discussion about it here. I prefer 5w30 synthetic.


man GTFO with that shit. I'd call troll but you've been around awhile..unless you're just a repeat offender. If you want to look asymmetrical and ruin any rep you might have, by all means go ahead, but get off this forum with that. Guys that pump oil into thier bodies and make themselves look like amorphus blobs make the rest of us look bad. Also, it seems as if you're looking for a shortcut and getting out of putting in hardwork which really pisses me off. If you are a longtime bodybuilder then you should know that this takes time, effort and consistency to achieve good results. Synthol isn't even a halfway intelligent shortcut anyway. So to summarize: GTFO with that shit.


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There is quite a bit of information on how to use it and where to get it at professionalmuscle.com

I'm sure he's already considered all of that. If he looks bad, he won't place well. In the meantime, you look like an asshole. I bet you hate steroids too, don't you? There's a pretty fuzzy line between synthol and site injected gear.


Well, Stronghold, really?

Synthol is just oil isn't it? You inject it, that area gets bigger because its saturated with oil, not more muscle if I'm not mistaken (but probably am).


Do this instead It will look better. http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Build-a-Muscle-Suit-39306312


Ah yes...that's why I frequent the steroid forum and have several cycles under my belt. I don't think the line is fuzzy at all. Only those who haven't used AAS could possibly think that even with use, the same rules of intenisty and committment apply. Injecting an oil to give the illusion of muscle? That's the easy way out, IMO.

As to site injections of AAS providing growth due to being pinned there...I've heard both sides of the argument and am undecided. Care to provide some links or studies showing this? Seriously, I'm interested.

Even if I thought that his post wasn't ridiculous...perhaps there are other forums better suited than this one?


another synthol "stud" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwETnw_66ZM


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Only those who have no idea what synthol is and what it does and get all of their information from those who mis-use it (ie: Greg Valentino) don't see the relationship. Injecting oil+hormones for the purpose of stretching the fascia is totally different than injecting just oil for the purpose of stretching the fascia?

You would be surprised about the number of people responsibly using Synthol for the purpose of stretching the fascia to allow for more growth. They do not simply "inject it and look bigger". Of course there are individuals using it to inflate themselves, but it can most definitely be used without destroying an individual's aesthetic, which most people posting attacks like yours do not realize.

This guy has admitted to using it, yet you don't see that weird, bulbous, smooth look to any part of him. His shoulders are giant and striated...not what you would expect for something that was just "pumped full of oil".



I agree with you that site enhancing oils have their place in bodybuilding, but they are not the same as AAS wrt fascia stretching. SEOs (when used most efficiently, i.e avoiding distortion while improving aesthetics) are injected in small volumes in multiple places and from multiple angles in each specific muscle. AAS are rarely used in this manner and would have less of an effect on stretching the fascia covering the whole muscle. Someone injecting 3ml of AAS (the largest recommended volume in the largest muscle groups) will only stretch the fascia in that specific location for as long as the oil bolus remains that size. AAS dissapate (sp) faster than SEOs IIRC. The rate at which AAS and SEOs get absorbed is the main difference why bodybuilders don't have huge lumps of overgrown muscle (allowed by the supple fascia) in the dorsogluteal, vastus lateralis, medial delt head etc. SEOs are injected multiple times in small volumes to slowly stretch the fascia. This is possible because of how long it takes for them to get absorbed. AAS are absorbed quicker, so larger volumes would have to be injected frequently which is not ideal from a health and safety standpoint.

So no, injecting AAS is not the same as injecting SEO when it comes to fascia stretching.

Sorry OP I don't know where to get SEO. This post may find more productive responses in the Steroids forum but I can't say for sure.


I see synthol as the male equivalent of silicone breast implants.


In the sense that both can be used to enhance a physique or ruin a physique if taken too far, I think you're right.


Although, at least with breast implants there is, in principle, a qualified surgeon performing the procedure after a consultation. With synthol, it's self-administered and therefore far more likely to lead to abuse; the idiots with the ridiculously out of proportion biceps are a prime example.


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How many botched breast augmentations have there been over the years? I am extremely confident that a higher percentage of women are unhappy with the results of their breast implants than there are men who are unhappy with their results from SEO.

I don't understand how you've come to the conclusion that something that has to be self administered is more likely to result in abuse. It's not like there is a limit for the amount of plastic surgeries one can have. If someone has the funds they can abuse anything.

The only reason SEOs have such a bad wrap is because it is so obvious when people use it wrong. When used properly (a large percentage of pros use) than it enhances the physique. Bodybuilding is all about aesthetics. Eventually the space occupied by the SEO will be occupied by muscle. The only thing that crosses the line IMO is implants. Implants will never turn to muscle.