Requesting Basic Diet Advice

Ive never really focus strongly on my diet before, other than to avoid junk/fast food. I thought Id provide some numbers and see if I can get advice on possible improvements.

I lift 3 times weekly, focusing on Bench, Deads, and Squats with assistance lifts for each. My goals are to get bigger and more importantly, stronger. I also hate to admit this, but Ive gotten a little soft around the belly and it irritates the ever loving hell out of me. Id like very much to remedy this.

Here are some basic Nutrition numbers and stats cobbled together from my very basic knowledge.

Height 5’9"
Weight 165lbs

Daily Caloric intake (estimate): 1800
Protein: 100-120g
Carbs: 129g
Fat: 48g

From what I can tell, I am under eating by a fair amount. Its strange b/c I eat 3 times a day and very rarely go to bed hungry. Anyway any advice or info would be greatly appreciated and Ill offer any other info that would help that I havent included yet.


Basic info

!65 lbs…Eat a minimum of 165g protein a day. To gain size, they say 1.5 -2 grams per pound of bodyweight

Eatng 3 times a day. Eat 5-8 times.
If one burns more kcals than they eat, no size gain. Eat more kcals than you burn to get bigger. Stomach fat may be due to your metabloism, As your not eating regular enough your metabolism is most likely slow and your not burning up to food you eat and its storing as fat.

Eat healthy fat. Fish oils, egg yolks, peanut butter. Extra virgin olive oil.

White bread pasta and rice = No…Make it brown

Im sure others will have some advise.

Also. Read about diet. Do some searches

Best of luck… Its a beautiful thing