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Request for Analysis of Blood Work



Could you please give me your thoughts, however briefly?

I am in the UK so GP's know sod all about endocrinology- the last time I asked for an LH and FSH the lab returned it to the GP undone saying 'why would you order a female hormone test for a male'. The below are the only tests I can get the NHS to do. Some of the units are different to the US- apologies.....


I used to be a horny guy but suddenly around 3 years it all faded away during a relationship (a bad one) I was in. After the relationship ended it got better but I realised I never had the same desire for s£x. I have had fatigue problems for years, a big carb meal will put me to sleep, I used to use caffeine and other legal stimulants to try and stay sharp/ lose fat. Tried IF which I think probably did more harm than good. Basically I am tired the whole time, no matter how much sleep I get. Canâ??t remember the last time I had morning wood, have used Viagra and Cialis.

Used M1-T for about a month till my urine turned read, and tried a 2 month cycls of dbol about 5 years ago. Did a proper PCT after both. I donâ??t believe I had any noticeable libido issues afterwards but this may be related.

I got referred about 2 years ago to a endo who confirmed I didn't have primary hypogonadism and I was subclinically hypothyroid but my insurance company said it was a chronic condition and would not support any further investigation. So recently I managed to get another GP and starting the diagnosis process again.

Age 38 year
Height 184 cm
Waist 34 inch
Weight 190 pounds
Body hair : lots on lower legs, a tiny bit in the middle of my chest.
Body fat: About 14% BF, held mainly on waist, thighs and arse.
Frequently have dry skin, but hair not thin and no other symptoms of hypo thyroidism.
Drugs : None at time of test.

Lab results :

Serum testosterone: 12 nmol/ L (10.0- 30)
Serum SBHG: 29 nmol/l (15- 55)
Oestradiol (this is what the UK calls E2 I think) 82 pmol/ L
Prolactin- 136 mU/ L (60- 300)

TSH: 2.56mu/L (0.3- 4.2)
Free T4: 11.2 pmol/ L (9.0- 23)

These are all the relevant results I got ( they also did lipids and liver, but I donâ??t believe these are relevant)

Many, many thanks in advance.......




E2=22pg/ml, not too bad. SHBG is a bit high relative to your other labs, but some of that is from not much T opposing your E2=22pgml.

I think that you should focus on thyroid.

Please read these two stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • thyroid basics

Check your oral body temperature when you first wake up, AND mid-afternoon and report in degrees F please.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be near mid-range

Your fT3 is well below mid range. 11.2 VS 16

??? Tried IF ???

Your source of iodine there is considered milk. What is your intake?

What about outer eyebrows, are they sparse?
Do you feel cold easier now?
Dry skin is unusual in healthy males. Low T and low thyroid function can do this.

"subclinically hypothyroid " simply means that they will not do anything and the reason for that is lab ranges that are so stupid.