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Request For Advice On My Blood Test

Testosterone Enanthate, 1x / week: 200mg
Arimidex (anastrozole): 3x/week : 0.25mg/ea (total: 0.75mg / week)
Injected on Monday Morning, tested Thursday Afternoon:
Estradiol: 61.0 H pg/ml (11.0 - 44.0)
Testerone: 20.45 H ng/mL (2.40 - 8.71)
(2045.00 ng/dL : 249 - 836 ng/dL)

I can tell this is a bit high. I’m considering:
Testosterone En. @ 150mg / week (once per week)
Arimidex @ 1mg / week (split into two doses).

Does this sound good? Recommendations please.

If those labs are done on trough (7 days after your last shot) then yeah you should lower it to 150mg and see how you do. You’re likely better off doing 75mg twice a week so you’re levels aren’t rising and falling so dramatically. You shouldn’t need arimidex at that dose either. I use 200mg and my total T is 2000 as well and I found out I feel much better without the AI and more frequent injections (after using arimidex for a year). Most guys running 500mg/week aren’t using an AI and the very few that do are using .25mg twice a week. Using 1mg is way overdoing it.

The labs were done 3.5 days after shot (so roughly mid of the weekly injection).
Without the Arimidex I noticed my E2 levels went very high. Isn’t the E2 level rather high? (61.0 when max suggested by lab is 44, and often in the forums it is suggested to keep it < 20).

The max range on my labs is 35 and my E2 level is 80 so no the other forums are incorrect. I followed the same shit for a year. Now I feel better than I ever imagined I could feel. Hopefully you don’t take a year to find that out as well. There’s a reason why this is the number one testosterone forum.

Your labs were done at peak so in reality your levels are likely half that at trough which would put you at normal range so a dose reduction may not be needed. In the future do labs at trough (the day of your next injection but before you take that injection).

Also, do some reading here. TRT has the ability to be life changing if done right. There’s a drastic difference between feeling fine and feeling great. Once you get to great you’ll be pissed at the mistakes that kept you from getting there and the stupidity of the people espousing information that is totally false.

Thank you for your kind words. There is a lot of mis and conflicting information out there.

Personal experience has shown that when I increased from 125mg/week to 200mg/week there was a MASSIVE improvmenet in QOL.

Previously, I would workout (I do heavy lifting), and after would crash for 30 minutes. Not: yawn nap time. More of: must sleep zonk like being slipped a mickey. Now, at 200mg/week, I do the same (or slightly more) workout, and feel fine afterwards. It’s like a new lease on life.

I’m just slightly concerned about the high e2 (granted, that is high from the lab perspective, maybe not high for what I should have). And the possibility of gynecomastia (hard to tell if it’s just the way the fat is coming off or something else. I have none of the tenderness or rubbery mass).

I’ll repeat a lab on the day of injection to get some better results.

Forget about it…

I agree with the resident serial killer. I’d try to split injection to twice a week and give that & no AI a try for a few months. Almost everyone reports feeling better that way.