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Reputable Websites

hello everyone, im new to this site. ive always gotten my products from an indivdual person and he has recently stopped his business so now im havin to find a new source and my opinion on buyin through websites is really its a bunch of bull.

ive seen good and bad things about EVERY website mentioned and i dont wanna throw money down the drain. i have no choice but to risk it but does anyone no of any good tried and true sites. i dont wanna get anything fake or even worse get nothing at all.

ive always used quality vet products and love them but im willin to go with somethin else now. i figure if more than just a couple people vouch for a particular site then its must be legit.

please help me out people. and ill keep you all posted on the status of the order and stuff. any help is appreciated. thanks. -Jason

so you want people to list some websites for you?

can I slip in first?


ya they have test cyp buy one get one half off. and all orals are 30%. the deal is good through 6/27/06.

Nice first post

This is the wrong place to ask that buddy. Nothing personal but I doubt anyone would answer you on where to get illegal drugs. Funny huh?

yeah i guess i knew i wouldnt have much luck with this post but it just kinda pisses me off because ive been gettin legit gear for years now and all the sudden my source is gone so now i gotta go through SO MUCH BS to find a new one. on top of that its been hard to find quality vet products anywhere. i had a damn good source (half the people on here probably know him too) something happened to his connection in mexico or some bs and now its out the business. actually he still owes me 100 bucks. anyone out there who is willing to help me out just shoot me a private message. I know of tons of 100% legit sites to get just about anything else as far as prescription meds with no prescription free shipping and damn good prices but not gear on the other hand. i cant afford to send money in to 5 or 10 sites before i find one that works. anyone know of any other forums where people talk of the legitimacy of sites. i dont see the big deal to be honest. if you order from a site thats open to the public then why wouldnt you wanna help someone out and let em know. just another customer for them to make money.

It should be pretty obvious what the big deal is.

The roids r us link was classic by the way.

Spend some goddamn time reading this site and some other boards. When you dig through threads you might find some sources mentioned in passing. Do some more research on them; see what information is out there.

If you think you’ve found one that seems legit, PM someone who clearly knows more than you and ask their opinion humbly and with appreciation for their knowledge and expertise.

Extend some fucking effort for a few hours if this is so important to you.

In short, be worthy of someone sticking their neck out for you. It isn’t too hard if you have half a brain. Obviously you know this is a game with some risks and no one wants to get burned…or lose a trusted source. So don’t ask for a goddamn handout.

Well said. Nobody is going to just hand it too you it’s a game of trust and trust is earned bro. You have like 0 posts and for all we know could be some asshole LE.

rellaw, don’t take this personal but shouldn’t you be working on real issues that threaten our great country like illegal immigration?

Date joined 2006-06-11, total posts 2.

Go catch some illegals for us and stop wasting our time.

im gonna try 24hoursppc ive heard good things. ill keep you all posted. if anyone has had bad luck with these guys please let me know

I’ll hold back for you have been pimped.
Now back to the gimp box!!!..I mean drawing board.


I ordered from 24hoursppc on 8/21/06 and still have not recieved anything.

I am relatively new to these forum boards, but the topics and discussions are good for info because they aren’t censored by any publishing media outlets, but damn sometimes it’s like there are layers of info that has to be encrypted to understand…

Using enhancers for personal growth.
I’m all for it. Using it is a science.
A sweet science! But ordering anything online is like putting a cigarette lighter to your money man. It definitely aint worth it. If you can’t find it from…Stop trying.

Poking around in forums is gonna open pandora’s box in your head. This lead to that lead…
It only leads you right back from where you started. Confused and skinny.

for someone that has been juicing for years you don’t look very big.

I just realized you’re the dude that had his chick steal androgel from the pharmacy she worked out…ahahahaaha

You are 6’ tall, 180 lbs, and are not only planning to use steroids, but have used them before? What bullshit nutrition/exercise plan are you on?