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Reputable Online Pharmacy


can any of you guys recommend a reputable online pharmacy that won't rip me off and preferably wont have customs or the police knocking on my door? preferably one you or someone you know well has dealt with and had a positive experience with.


I almost tried some of those online pharmacies but I'm skeptical about it though. But if you do try it let me know how it went , Thanks


Just what are you trying to buy??? Why would customs be knocking on your door??

Steroids are not only illegal but they will make you kill yourself and others, on top of many, many other evils. Haven't you seen the news?

Seriously though. If you are looking for gear there's no way in hell you can throw up a post and expect an answer. Even if someone had a legit source and tried to post it I guarantee the post would be edited. Do some research, the answers are out there.



i think what Fatsensei was trying to say was.....


or something like that :))



You are kidding....Right?

"Yeah its steroids.com and speak to joe, yeah joe johnson...."LOL


actually i was expecting a couple people to send me a private message with the name of a website i could go to. several people did, and i thank them for it.


--could you send me a PM back with the sites people PMed you? I'll trade :wink: for a few online pharmacies I've used reliably, www.medsmex.com, www.pharmaeurope.com, www.crownvicboys.com, always receive my orders within 7-10days. Let me know if there is something specific you're looking for, I can get anything. Cheers!


Man dont order online, ask around the gym, make some friends. Or get inevative; buy some finaplix and a fina kit and you are set, for CHEAAAAP. Im Canadian and Fina is illegal with out a vets prescription, but I ordered it up (several times) and ordered a kit, an hour of chemistry (its really simple) and you have a few grams of trenbolone acetate in an oil suspension. I have since bought "real" trenbolone from various sources and Ill tell you what the homemade brew was just as good if not better and costs about 1/6 the price.