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Repubs Filibuster 9/11 First Responder Aid


And, seriously.... I would personally like to bitch slap each and every one of these Senators who have stooped so fucking low. How the fuck can they stand to be themselves?


Doesn't the government give money to individuals every time they get hurt?

The simple truth is that there is no money to "give" them. Take your righteous indignation and send your money to one of the many charities for that cause.



Tell your buddy Obama to spend our money more wisely, and maybe we would have some money to help out those 9/11 people.

Holy shit that was easy.


How much have the 9/11 responders already received compared to an injured soldier? I can't find any info and was really curious.


Tell your republican buddies that if we didn't give tax breaks to billionaires we could afford to help the first responders.

Holy shit that was easy.

Stewart had a good panel of first responders on his last show of the year.


You really think echoing the democratic national party who use class warfare is a good idea? When someone says "millionaires and billionaires" I and all other intelligent people who understand how the world works think "job creators". Tell me at what point does someone become so worthy of stealing their money? When they make 1 million? Or is it 10 million? And while you're at it tell me who middle class people work for? Do they work for the poor?

Don't mimic the democratic national party, you're better than that.


Its like all the threads are crossing. :slight_smile:

An economic system designed to reward those who contribute capital at the expense of those who contribute labor is going to fail.


Obama caved in, not my fault. That's the savior you voted for, not me. This guy has a political glass jaw like no other. Someone send him a backbone for Christmas.


You act as if billionaires are these greedy selfish people. Most of them got their money through their own hardships and success, the American Dream, right?


I've already done that... more times and in more quantities than I could afford.

There is money for these guys. We owe them for what they did, and the only way that they are going to receive the long-term care they need is through government funding. Unfortunately private individuals tend to be forgetful and selfish.


If only a fraction of the 1.21 trillion spent on the war on Terrorism went to the first responders.
What a world.

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Bite my dick. The Republicans are abusing procedural rules to force their agenda.

I watched these guys running down Lexington Avenue when everyone else was running the opposite direction, to disappear into a cloud of dust. I watched one of my best friends loose 75 pounds in 6 months because he couldn't sleep for more than 15 minutes at a clip... couldn't stop coughing and couldn't stop the nightmares of watching some of our other friends disintegrate 20 feet away from him.

These men and women are national heros, and instead of covering their healthcare, we're finding money for new air-to-air fighter jets that nobody fucking needs, historically low tax rates for the rich, and whatever else gets these fuckers elected.

Our priorities are fucked.


I've given money too. why are you demanding more of my money?


MY first question has yet do be answered though. Why are individual sacrifices on that day so much more special than the individual sacrifices people make every day?


Yes, the agenda of NO MORE SPENDING!

People. These guys are not left out in the cold. They get their medical bills paid and get the best treatment. This is not their complaint though. They are treated no differently than our war heros.

I don't like that they are seeking monetary compensation. If so, then every person who ever sacrificed their lives or got injured on a job should also be compensated...then the can of worms is open.

Life is not fair. In addition to that FACT....they took the job that they know that everyday, they could die. They know they will see life threatening events daily. I appreciate them, but at the end of that sacrifice, they also get 100% pay after they retire which is sucking our system dry. Let's compensate the Pearl Harbor survivors too, Gulf War syndrome vets, and anyone injured due to serving in their job.

Hell, I'm due for some money too!

This needs to be handled through a charitable donation advertised and supported by the departments for which they served!

Many people lost their lives in the attack, but do we want to set a precedent that the government is responsible for any and all sicknesses due to responding to an event in the coarse of your job? We are already 1/2 way there. This will take us all the way into the notion that "Government is our Daddy, our God, and responsible for me, my life, my job and my life outcome".

I don't accept that, no matter what the circumstance.


Because the sacrifices were in response to an outside threat to our national security. We have a tradition of taking care of our soldiers. Also, most of these guys were "on the clock." We are talking primarily here about fire fighters, EMS, Police, etc...


It pains me to say it, but there is no more money to give them...and before anybody gets all jumpy neither the Dem's OR the GOP is blameless when it comes to fiscal responsibility.


continueing a tax cut does not cost money.....
secondly, the rich pay more (amount) and a higher percent (%) then you so maybe you should pony up some more.

holy shit treating everyone the same is hard for liberals.....


How much have they gotten already? Why is that not enough? Why do they deserve more than the firefighters, ems and police who die in the line of duty protecting us every day?



I sympathize with what you saw, and your buddy. But you pointed the blame at Republicans when it was not their choice as to how the porkulus money was spent. I would have no issue at all at having money to help the 9/11 heroes, but because of foolish spending choices (blame your Democrats for that, yes they owned all 3 bodies of government), we are not able to allocate the money for this.

I would be MUCH more comfortable knowing my taxes went to help these people, rather than building roads to nowhere, studying Polynesian honeybee migration patterns, or whatever worthless bullshit that our money went to.