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Republicans - What Do You Think?




I think "Contract With America" Lite...and they did absolutely nothing with the original.

It's a campaign document; not a representation of what they will actually do.



Ahh, I see nothing about term limits. I see they are insisting that we start a war with Iran(what do people think the sanctions are going to do) sounds like a great way to run up the debt. They will cut spending yet fund a missile defence program? They will not get rid of the fascist entities known as fanny and freddy they will "reform" them?

All in all, lets hope Demint is right and the GOP dies, time for a 3rd party.


You got to love how they talk about the 10th amendment then go on to say they are against gay marriage. The hypocrisy is amazing.


I am not a Republican, but this is good. It's broad, but it should be - with the GOP cruising to victory in 2010, there was simply no need to make a bunch of big, specific promises that they might be in danger of not being able to keep.

The big targets were spending, political transparency (i.e., standing athwart "cramdown" bills like Obamacare, more sunshine legislation), and commitment to small businesses and the mood of the middle class.

It did that fairly effectively. The weakest part is the lack of any specifics on what to replace Obamacare with, but I think the American electorate - pretty darn mad at not only what Obamacare was but (perhaps even more importantly) how it was passed - will give the GOP time to address it in steps.


Nor Social Security and Medicaire, John...two "Black Holes" of entitlements that NO politician will touch...




It's like reading a paper written by a crackhead pledging to no longer smoke crack.

Anyone with sense won't believe it. The people who care for the crackhead will give him another chance, and then be sorely disappointed when he lights up the pipe. But they'll defend him anyway.


There is no inconsistency here. Try again.


You mean like when Obama promised "hope and change" and then didn't deliver either, but enablers like YOU defend him anyway. You mean like that?


He did to deliver...Failure is an option with democrats, and that what they delivered...They managed to make W look like a fucking genius.


The lesson their is when you cede control of something to the governement, it's permenant, you can never get it back. That is why giving the governement control of anything should be done very begrudgingly. Once it's done, it's over. Realistically, SS, education and medicare will always be governement run. It's worthless to even talk about privatizing. Ain't gonna happen despite all the logic and best intentions in the world.


It's a form of campaigning, but if it works to get rid of democrats, I am on board.


Nobody, even the DEMS, can make "Dubya" look like a genius.



Obama is actually doing that very thing. I won't bore you with the list of stupid moves made by our Karl Marx leaning little community organizer. I think they are legendary at this point.


I agree , but we need more that 3 parties , we also need a party that represents labor


Well thats not completely true, both Paul Ryan and Ron Paul have given ways to change both, but your right, the GOP itself wont go after those.


Didn't Paul Ryan vote for TARP?

Not to hijack, but this guy seems like he's trying to hop on the tea party bandwagon. He's likeable in interviews and has some good ideas, but that doesn't change his voting history.


Oh I am no fan of Paul Ryan, I am just saying that he has put out a plan to fix social security(I don't think it will work). You are right tho he did vote for tarp.


Yeah, to me he's a snake. I watched a tv interview with him on why he voted for TARP, and he said something along the lines of "I voted for TARP because the whole banking system would have collapsed without it...and then the government would have taken EVEN MORE control over the financial sector..."

But to me that's bullshit. How can you be a fiscal conservative when you vote for the biggest transfer spending bill in history? Or for limited gov by saying "well because I voted for this bill, the gov got less power than it would have if I didn't vote for it, b/c the financial system would have collapsed." WTF?

Fuck Paul Ryan

Here's a link: http://dailycaller.com/2010/02/14/paul-ryan-explains-his-votes-for-tarp-auto-bailouts-and-tax-on-aig-bonuses/


Perhaps not, but when the current President - pandering to a caucus - announces that Mexicans were here long before America was an idea (Mexico became independent in about 1820), the gap closes exponentially as to the "dumb" canard.


Not to hijack, but Mexico just built it's own wall on it's southern border. Fucking hypocritical bitches...