Republicans Disenfranchise Voter Again

Once again those terrible Republicans are at it again, disenfranchising a democrat just for having a disability.

The funny thing is that many people have this disability, so it is bad news for millions of Democrats.

What is this person?s disability? He is dead. I am certain the ACLU is going to fight for this man. How dare they take away a man?s vote just because he is living impaired?

Help fight this injustice by bringing a dead relative to vote on November 2. Join the Democratic Party in this. Democrats across the country are taking part in this effort to help the dead vote.

Will you join us in this campaign?

<Paid for by the Dead people?s right to vote for Kerry campaign.>

What do they expect when they hire felons (ACORN…) and people like the dude who wanted crack in Ohio, and pay them on a per-registration basis? Of course there are going to be dead people, Mary Poppins, etc. who are signed up to vote.

The real problem will be if they end up voting…

One thing I want to point out is that having illegal votes has the exact same effect on the election as does having a legally registered voter’s vote invalidated. If Jane Doe votes for Bush but it’s disallowed, it’s the same thing as if Jane Doe votes for Bush and the fake Mary Poppins ballot is voted for Kerry. Either way, you are cancelling out a legal vote.