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Republicans are School Girls :)


They can't even try to smooth over the problem even after the tragedy in Tucson. more in your face it's all the Democrat bastards .Same old shit




More tasteless garbage from political opportunists. You being one of them pittbull.

How smart can a person feel when they are cutting up on another group at the expense of a bunch of innocent people who were shot and killed by a deranged asshole?

I swear, some of you dumb motherfuckers wouldn't know the value of human life from a toy in a happy meal.


How do we know he is a deranged asshole? Did you give him a psychological evaluation?


Oh I like the video clip game...

"Democrats are racists"


No he likes talking down to me because then he can feel superior. I see that as a common thread amongst the so called consrvatives


Did you even listen to Obamas Speech? The start of this thread is exactly what he said was NOT needed. But even when your leader tells you enough is enough, you just can't help yourself. For one day can't you just view your fellow countrymen on the other side of the political spectrum as human beings, ones who are just as hurt and upset over an event like this as you are? Actually, I'm not even sure you are upset over this. What is with all the fucking smiley faces? Is this all just some big fucking game to you? "Hahahaha People died and it's the republicans fault! hahahahaha" that's seriously how you come off.

If I were like you, I would wish bad on you for being such an out of touch with reality fake loser. But since I AM better than you, I can only wish for your own spiritual growth and enlightenment. I'll be praying for you.



Why does Bill Maher associate the actions of Republican school girls with the shooting?

It has been said over and over, that there is no political affiliation that the shooter associated with. Nothing has come to the surface as to him leaning either way politically?

The most important thing that could be written on all the crawls on news channels is...stop fucking trying to pin this on either side ! He was not political driven !


As even Obama himself has said, yet SOME of his supporters or others on the left, ignore him completely and are still on the attack. The blind rage shown by some/many on the left (in this instance) has been astounding.

That video someone posted where the guy was pretending to be a dumb redneck and how he thought sarah palin wanted him to shoot people. That was the single most prejuducial thing I have seen in at least a few years. Yet the person who made it and many who commented on how brilliant it was failed to see that they have become what the left started out standing against. The left has historically fought to end prejudice, end inequality, end hate speech. Yet they now champion ridiculing, and hating on the right wing lower class as if they were some sub-human genetic failures. I mean they don't even want to help the poor and uneducated on the right side of the political spectrum. I doubt very much they even want to help the poor on the left. It's just rediculous.



Because this would be a great opportunity to discredit the Tea Party, Palin, Beck, or anyone on the RIGHT ?

Like Rahm Emmanuel said, "never let a crisis go to waste?"




I actually don't mind Bill Maher and find him pretty damn funny, but he is all sorts of wrong in this clip, I don't even know where to begin.

And, as was pointed out already...

Post FAIL, Pittbull.


Wow! Bill Maher is an idiot. Why does anybody listen to him and who gave him any relevance what so ever? Republicans, like school girls, drove someone to mass murder? Uh, ok. Nobody landed on the moon, the earth is flat, and Bush did it....


Neither one of you are worth addressing except to tell you this- If you have reached adulthood and don't see what is wrong with what you are doing in this regard, there is something missing from you.


I would watch Bill Maher's show, knowing that he was pretty Left leaning, yet he did show signs of ripping on people from both sides (which I liked.) I think it gave him a little more (notice that little really means little here) credit, but he is way off base in this video.

Bill, saying the shooter was influenced by the RIGHT a thousand times over doesn't make it so. I know you're butt sore over it, but he was not affiliated with any particular group. Now, go smoke a bowl and get back to trying to raise our taxes, you goof.


What is wrong with posting on the internet , is it you do not understand it ? I have reached adulthood and am entering into Senior status


I do not understand where you got Obama is my leader. I prefer his politics to the Republicans . I do not think there is a big difference , just in my opinion the Democrats are kinder to the poor.


I do not know for sure but he may be playing the Devils Advocate


Hey pitbull. great way to stir it up, when one of us goes crazy we can blame it on you. How civil of you to not let the issue go and quit pointing fingers. Sack up and assume responsibility. Quit blaming others and quit your whining my friend.
Democrats are kinder to the poor in order to gain there vote, ever thought of that novel idea, buying a vote. The poor are mostly poor due to poor decisions in life, America grants all who strive the small sliver of chance to leave the poor life and attain that which they seek. If your so damn giving give me your weight set in your avatar. IM poorer than you.


In my opinion, blaming the republicans for a act committed by a guy beyond crasy is equaly beyond
dumb, but I agree with Maher on the thing that republicans/reactionarys are little girls, never seen a group of
people that bitch and moan over so much pointless shit before :smiley: