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Republicans and Muslims


Conservative websites are full of Sharia law coming to America fear mongering.


No they don’t. You’re painting them as islamaphobes, which they are not. They say the same things I am saying. Assimilate, don’t be a radical nut, we have no issues.


I don’t use that word, islamaphobe. I’m not Ben Affleck. You have also deviated from your terrorism position.


No I haven’t, you asked questions I answered those questions which is not a change in stance.


But remember, people saying the GOP dislikes Islam for any other reason than a morbid fear of terrorists is villainizing Americans and obfuscate the truth.

Some alt right nobody right?

A now-removed biography on her personal website said she “has >worked as a political activist, and worked hundreds of hours >with Republican candidates (sic) campaigns, including John >McCain, Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump.”


That’s what you are saying, not everybody.
Most people are saying pretty reasonable stuff. Nobody here has condemned all Muslims nor conveyed fear or hatred of them.
You keep spouting the same garbage hoping it will stick. “The entire GOP hates Muslims and wants to kill them all.

That’s something you put on a sign and dress in all black and march down the street with, not a actual talking point with any validity.


Actually it’s what you said. LOL

Raj would be offended that you’ve forgotten him so quickly

I’ll write you a check for 10 grand if you can quote me on this :wink: