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Republicans and Muslims

I’m Muslim so I grew up around Muslim communities. Overall Muslims are pretty conservative. If it wasn’t for islamaphobia a majority of Muslims would probably vote republican.

So how come republicans haven’t targeted this audience.

I was questioning my parents and a couple of family friends about their voting behaviors. One specific question I asked was would they vote differently if they were in Somalia(we are all Somali and all of them were born and raised their). They literally would vote opposite. Like here in the states they mostly vote for democratic positions in government but if we had all moved to Somalia they would be really conservative. They don’t like illegal immigration since all the ones I spoke to came here legallly and waited years to come. They are against abortion, against homosexuality,Somalis I realized were 50/50 on guns.i know Arabs, Pakistanis, and other religous Muslim Americans that are pretty conservative. There are a lot of conservatives here in Muslim communities.

They were all pretty conservative but mostly voted for the democrat party because of fear of the islamaphobia that comes with conservative groups that vote republican.

You answered your own question.

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There aren’t enough Muslims to make them a target like Hispanic and woman voters.

There is also the fear or concern that Muslims don’t care for the Bill of Rights as a true conservative should.

There are a shit load of refugee kids who are now hitting their twenties like me.a majority of us are in school now but in a couple of years a lot of us will be hitting the work force.
Most of the youth have lived in the US a majority of thier lives or were born and raised here in America. Only a few are actually interested in earning their degree and going back to their home countries. The rest are comfortable here in America. Most are probably planning on living the rest of their lives here.

If they openly fought against islamaphobia than I definently think there would be a change in voting.

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To what end? Alienate the 2nd easiest way to drum up red votes? The Muslim population in areas that matter wouldn’t be worth the loss of votes from not demonizing the ME.

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Fox News makes a killing by convincing its viewers that ISIS is around every corner, ready to pop out from behind a bush in Topeka and lay waste to the infidels.

As @pfury already stated, trying to sway a group that represents 1% of the population doesn’t make much sense. It’s much more fruitful for the GOP to paint all Muslims as the boogeyman.

I wouldn’t call Republicans Islamaphobes. But that discussion is for another thread.

Zecarlo of course the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are superseded by the teachings of Quran, Hadith and Sira.

Usually, Republicans don’t “target” “groups.”

They Believe their Ideals are best for Everyone, so anybody should be cool with them. “Identity” should be irrelevant when we’re talking about what’s good for the USA, because it’s good for everyone.

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Lol. This one made me chuckle


The religious right is fake news. As are white males.


That makes sense. i was really thinking about this for awhile. cause conservative christian groups that vote republican have some similar views as conservative muslims.

but it does seem like they will lose voters if they try to fight islamaphobia

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The more a person or group of people feel ignored/marginalized/unheard, the louder they get.

The louder they get, the louder the smartness that comes from their mouth(s) gets. Also the louder the dumbness gets.

More dumbness amplified louder and louder and mocked and ridiculed, and recycled back louder and louder creates a feedback loop until violence results.

Stop killing people with your hate speech zecarlo, the fate of humanity rests in the balance…

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On a similar note, using the term “islamophobia” is liable to get you ignored 'round these hear parts if you haven’t been ignored already. You’ll have a better effect if you stick to specifics rather than generalities, usually, in my opinion. It makes it less likely for someone to want to ignore you

In the minds of many intelligent members of this forum, Islam represents the biggest threat to American ideals of freedom, democracy, limited government, etc. since King George III. “Muslim moderates” are less important than the extremists. Insofar as they/we actually are “moderate”, then they/we are safe to ignore, actually

It really is a shame that some republicans fear Muslims. I’ve never met a Muslim person and decided that I don’t like them because they’re Muslim, just like I’ve never met a white/black/hispanic person and decided not to like them because of their race. I have met people of all races and ethnicities who I don’t like, but it has nothing to do with race or ethnicity; it has everything to do with the content of their character.

Extremists from any religious group cause the entire group to look bad. I’m a Christian, but since I’m a sane person, I condemn hate groups like the KKK. I have Muslim friends who condemn ISIS. I have friends of German heritage who condemn the Nazis. This issue of an entire group being generalized in accordance to the actions and opinions of extremists who claim to be aligned with that group is maddening (all Muslims are not ISIS, all white people are not KKK, etc).

I consider myself to be slightly conservative, but I rarely admit it when I’m talking to someone. Being republican now has the connotation of being racist, ignorant, and selfish. I see why some people think that, but it’s also not true. I think a lot of the old career politicians possibly are, but every single republican? Nah.

I agree. Your post is a good example of amplified dumbness.

As was yours. It would have been wrong to not respond in kind.

I’ve seen you post pretty well before but this time you were asking for dumbness, so I delivered. It’s not like you were expecting quality material after a post like that - so I figured I’d try and surprise you while also giving some of what you did expect

You can seriously consider the better part of what I wrote, or you can seriously consider the worse part of what I wrote - the choice is yours zecarlo, but remember - the fate of humanity rests in the balance…

I’m unaware that Republicans (in general) had an irrational fear of Muslims.

I do hear them getting accused of that irrational fear, quite often, for daring to point out the obvious: Islam has an Islamist problem.

Any normal Muslim I know (and, mind you, most of the Muslims I know were or are my neighbors and fellow citizens of Israeli, including most of the kids with whom I went to school, so they are more attuned to identify politics bullshit for what it is), readily admits that Islamism, both Sunni and Shia, has pervaded Islam like a cancer.

These normal Muslims are the first victims of Islamist, in fact. I know plenty who won’t go visit cousins in the Arab-occupied areas of Judea or Samaria for fear of kidnap and torture.

That said, I do agree that the Democrat Party and the media has done an excellent job at falsely conflating Republican disdain for Islamists with disdain for Muslims overall. They repeat this lie early and often.

And they prop up the occasional alt-right loon who is, indeed, a bigot as proof of their point.

So I fully understand where you get the false idea that Republicans fear Muslims.

But it is still a false idea.

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Respectfully, you don’t know nearly enough Americans to make that claim. Many republicans have a gripping fear of Muslims. Some of us run into many of them at family reunions

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Respectfully, you paint with broader brushes than Jewbacca just did…if not broader, then just as broad…respectfully. Glass houses and all that…

This is meaningless.

This even more so given your previous statement:

Glass houses my dude.

So many Labels and conflicts! Un-Republican! Cooperation leads to prosperity.

Republicans and Muslims have gotten along for a long time. At the end of the day, people (with billions of dollars) are just people.


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