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Republican and African Americans


Kanye is going to earn more off that track than the combined 2018 earnings of everyone who will read this post. Things that make you go hmmm.


Well, that reaffirms one thing for me. Art sure is subjective. Where’s the gong?!


As an aside to your aside, I used to live about a half mile from Andy Warhols grave. At the time it was in the style of the Campbells soup label. All of us stoners would migrate there every so often and not do anything. We didn’t know anything about art or the man, so we’d just stand there for a while and smoke a few joints, then wander off.


Something tells me Warhol would have loved that story.


When it comes to this issue, I slide to the left with @zecarlo.

You can’t undo public schools. The best thing to do is make them as good as possible. But that doesn’t happen.
Obama had a chance to get rid of NCLB, but he signed it into law every year.
Everybody seems to have a solution, but no one has the right solution.
These forgotten ones at title 1’s are numbers and pieces to move across a game board, nothing more. Those who do care are silenced.

Ram though, rinse repeat.


Why won’t competition work for schools if it works for everything else?


Education is not a business… when I grew up you failed the classes, you failed the grade. Now, you can get straight 'F’s and be passed along.
Schools are not a competition of one institute over another. It should be about the student, but it’s not.

I don’t have a problem with charter schools, but they don’t sovle the problem writ large.

Kids who fail need to be retained. EBD kids need to be moved to special schools designed to deal with their special needs, but it looks bad for the title 1 schools.

There is A LOT of blame to go around…mainly, the parents don’t give a fuck. It’s day care for them, where they can do their thing and the schools are expected to be defacto parents, while they fuck off.
It’s sad, I have seen it for myself and and so has @zcarlo.

You have sexual abuse, vicious beatings, etc… and you cannot do shit about it.
I have seen the pictures… Call DFACS they say, DFACS don’t give a fuck and they sleep fine. It’s hard to imagine, worse to see.
They are forgotten by every body who could give a damn. It doesn’t fit the numbers. Numbers are all that matter.

I have seen it and it makes me sick.


Duh. It only works for frivolous things.


If schools had to perform (actually educate their students) in order to receive funding, things would improve quickly. State run monopolies are never going to get the job done.


Yes, because it’s not like the students need to bring something to the table. The teachers who work in a suburban school are coming from the same colleges as those who work in urban schools. 1+1=2 in every school. Words are spelled the same. It’s not like urban teachers are teaching kids something different. What no one talks about is the lower IQs in inner city kids and the higher number of kids who are diagnosed as special ed. Then add in issues that could be considered cultural and/or socioeconomic. No one knows how to teach those kids. Special ed teachers have no clue. Yet they have inclusive classrooms and have relaxed the consequences for behavioral issues, thanks to lawyers, parents who refuse to face reality and SJWs. Schools have psychologists, social workers, special ed teachers, they give students IEPs, and none of it works. I think if some parents knew what their kids go through at school because of students who have special protections because of their special ed label, they would riot.


Capitalism and the free market are absolutely reliant on the concept of winners, and more importantly losers. Without a large amount of failed business and losers, we don’t see the minority succeed.

To institute competition in schools for funding you’re 100% reliant on telling people in every area that regardless of how hard their child works, the funding the school receives is reliant on the average. So you’re telling 2 people that despite the same taxes they’re paying, one is going to have a lower funding school because of a group of other kids and their shitty parents.


They’re untouchable. With all of the insanity, violence, and adverse circumstance they face, they just don’t give a shit and have been trained to accept failure. Thats why most of them become institutionalized so quickly.


And what happens when a school ends up not getting funding? Those kids have to go somewhere. Besides, no child left behind fixed everything, didn’t it?


If people saw just how many sociopaths some of these schools have they would be shocked. They are not only untouchable but they are unteachable. I asked someone who teaches elementary school kids who are too dangerous to be mainstreamed how he teaches them. He said all he does is make sure they don’t kill each other. This guy was absolutely miserable when he was around them. They are vulgar and violent and just do not care. All his job is, is a babysitting service until they end up in jail.

I was a bad kid in elementary school so I can sympathize with kids who have behavioral issues. I don’t get mad because I know what it’s like to be that way. But I always had a conscience and I don’t know how you are supposed to deal with kids who don’t have one.


A never-ending downward spiral for the entire local area probably.

Nah they don’t. We’ll just funnel more money into defense spending so we can Murica our faces off. Then we can remind all of the taxpayers that even though they pay an equal amount, we’re screwing over their children because some other kids suck at testing


Because the end consumer of education - kids- are not in a position to maneuver and maximize interest in a supply and demand situation, as they do not have the resources or knowledge to purchase better schools.

And, in any event, we don’t want them to compete for better schooling - axiomatic supply and demand rules say the best schools will price poorer students out of the competitive marketplace, and that means closing doors of opportunity to poorer kids to get out of their station in life.

We want - well, I want, at least, since I’m not a feudalist - quality education for every kid regardless of luck of birth. Without that, the Revolution would be in vain.


This happens now. Even with inner city schools spending way more $/kid. If you have crummy parents that don’t value education, then you won’t. No 8 year old does homework on their own.

Is there a part in the constitution about the state educating your kids?


Ok - so, it’s a bad thing, and it’d be foolish to make it worse.

Nope, that’s something they left to the states - and those states took the lead with that whole “hey, we have a free opportunity to set up society like we want - let’s ixnay that whole aristocracy thing we just rebelled against…cool?”


Agreed. What’s your solution to make public schools actually educate the most difficult children? To avoid a permanent “peasant” underclass.

That only holds up as long as you ignore that the department of education and federal funding for schools exists.


Something else about the idea of funding being dependent upon performance is that it affects teachers as well. If you want teachers to be held accountable for student performance then they should have some say in how they do their job; something they don’t have now.