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Reptilian Woman!


Real or hoax? Watch it carefully and decide.
And its actually a legit group "investigating" this stuff.

don;t be in a hurry to dismiss it.


Please give my 2 minutes back that you just stole....


I am a good friend of the guy running the investig. It isn't a hoax btw. Take another good long look, and this time...watch it for the full 10 minutes.

Google "reptilian woman" for more news about this woman, and more "suspected" reptilians.


You would think that if it was so important that someone might actually film her with a camera that cost more than $10


There is no money in this. My bud said they're trying to get the news networks interested in funsing a serious investigation.

The video glitches ONLY affect the woman and not her surroundings. Watch 4:06 particularly.


I didn't think people like you actually existed. I'd like to see video proof of that.



Stay tuned. I will bring up some really gruesome stuff in my next post (tomorrow or late next week) in this forum. And as always EVERYTHING you're reading about/watching is 100% real.
As am I for that matter.


aahhh I can't help but succumb to the power of bold text.


This is not hard.

Reptiles aliens exist in another dimention, everyone knew that, duh.

Now we humans have DNA like antenna pointed to the sky, so some people have tendency to look and act like reptiles, or other animals, like George Orwell's animal farm.

Now keeping in mind that we're all human down here (it's a scientific fact), were all animals ; camera glich and fallacy is your own demise when you choose to engage in such discourse.

Of course reptiles of a higher nature might influence a mind by psyonism, who's to say whats possible ?

The galaxy is infinite with variety and diversity. Now whats the use of talking about something that has no scientific basis whatsoever, we're here, not in your mind.

Is my logic spicy, sweet or sour, does it smell like roses or chant like a bird ?

Now this thread is what I call a major :


Namase !


Wow, what bullshit!


"video glitches2! The whole facking video is glitched cos its super shit quality, its like it was film on a cheap mobile phone camera thats been placed inside a bag of spunk FFS.


ughhh you'd think he'd try get some better footage, but im guessing shes gone underground.

But dont worry the tinfoil hat brigade will find her im sure




Dude... idiot


a photo of ted kennedy (not touched or shopped)


I was going to ignore this one...but I really want to know what type of response you were hoping for?

A full-website panic that we are being overrun by drunk, aging and overweight reptilian Kennedy family members?

This all means you are either;
A) a tenant of North Virgina Mental Health institution and get way too much computer room time unsupervised.

B) A troll who actually thought this was funny.

C) A lunatic who is afraid of reptile people but thinks they can't find him despite his use of a website that requires email confirmation and their obvious advanced technology.

D) 14 years old and home on summer vacation with way too much of your older brother's pot lying around.


I love how everyone's harping on genetic experimentation.

Did it ever occur to you that this is because the woman hit a gypsy with her car and killed her - so the gypsy father placed a lizard curse on her?


Keep your eyes out for another dude suffering from insanely huge zits and another getting way too thin.

(really hopes someone gets the reference)


I got it.


Nah, I am a lunatic, but you have no idea what I really do :slight_smile:
Assume anything you want.

And no, there's no such thing as "reptile people". All I will say is "reptilian" shape shifting is exhibited by almost 40% of the population, and is not considered to be an indicator of anything abnormal.

There is a school of thought of the human race (apes, primates, whatever...many mammals for that matter) having mixed ancestry, and this is what is really fuelling the investigation. The PI at John Hopkins (for their part of this project) ALSO shows some reptilian features for that matter. Where is the need for widespread panic?
This is an academic project (the results of which MOST will be uncomfortable with, although there is NOTHING to be afraid of).

As a medical professional, you'll be happy to know there is MUCH we do not know about the human race, its ancestry, its evolution, etc.


Hey STephen king. I may NOT be a lunatic after all :))