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Reps With 225


what is the norm for a high school football player to be doing as of right now im a junior and i do 17 and i was wondering where i stack up


Thats pretty damn good for being a junior in HS. You must either have some pretty good genes, really short arms, or just train like a mother. even ten times is considered to be good. Colleges have their prospects do 185, with that you could probably do it 25 times, i think Brian Urlacher did it around 25 times as well.


Well I graduated last year and I'm 18, I weigh about 204 pounds at 5'10 with a 1 rep max on bench of 315 and I can get 225 about 15 times.

But when I was a junior in highschool I think the most I ever got it was about 7 times lol... then I was only about 175 pounds


How are your other lifts?


Sorry, but I'm not sure I buy your stats or your lifts.

I know people exist who do these things, but
any of them that do would most certainly know how they 'stack up.' I mean really, how many guys on your team can do it 10 times? How many in your school-conference? So you would already know that that is pretty heady stuff.

Plus, from your other post, I noticed that you do a 'weak'240 clean. That again would be top notch shit for any junior in high school.

Sorry--smells bad.


What is with people and calling bullshit on other's supposed lifts? If you're not going to take him serious and congratulate him for his obvious hard work, and you thinks it's BS, then don't give him the attention he's "trying" to get. Just shut up if you don't believe him.


But, I was going to ask how my 26" biceps compare to other 8th grade students!

I agree that someone capable of that should know. I also know that high school students thrive off of the ego boost. He might be able to do it yet thought his question would truly come across as "innocent".


A 240 clean is top notch as a junior???? Um, no. That's not true. I full cleaned 295 at the start of my senior year at 175 lbs. and I don't think that was top notch.

A 225 bench for 17 reps would probably be at the high end, if not the best in the school. Of course, if you weigh 275 and play on the line, this is expected.

As a side note, I saw a high school kid the other day, probably a junior or senior, squat 315 for 5 deep reps. Could not have weighed more than 150 lbs. soaking wet.

Now that is impressive.



A better question is does it matter? A big bench doesn't correlate to the field. Your standing chest press would be a better measure, since in football we play standing up not lying down, thus must use our "core" stability to generate the force.

zips up flame suit


Hey man,
First off, nice work. Your best bet would be to shoot Joe DeFranco an e-mail on his website, as he would be able to tell you how you're rating, as it's also probably dependant upon what position you play (I'm guessing). He also has alot of good stuff you should check out as well. Good luck with everything.


First I qualified and said it is possible, I then qualified why I felt the way I did. I didn't just come on and say something stupid like you just did.

When I feel genuine hard work was involved I happily give congratulations.


I beg to differ. 95% of high school juniors can not clean 240. I'm glad you could

He has given his weight at 220 not 275. I would also disagree that "playing on the line' in high school brings with it the expectation of benching 225/17 times.

It is not, nor did I say it was, totally unbelievable. My reference was to the manner of the post. If he wanted a slap on the back and someone to go 'Oh, you're so strong' sorry I didn't oblige.

The squat is impressive, but I fail to see the correlation. I've witnessed great feats of strength. To a man, those people knew how impressive their feats were. They were well aware of their staure amongst their peers.


2 plates 17 times in highschool is bananas. In highschool combines they use 185 as their "benchmark" which I assume you could hit for 25+.


This shit is bananas!



I fail to see how a machine is a better indicator of strength than a barbell. (I assume that's what you mean by standing chest press) I also don't see how this tests "core" stability. A squat tests core stability. A push press tests core stability.

Did you also know doing shoulder presses off of a stability ball tests your "core" stability?


i think he meant standing barbell military press.
Oh and I'd like to tell a litle story.
When I was a skinny kid in high school in Toronto there were 3 guys on the football team who could bench 300. They wore these stupid sweatshirts with a bigass "300 Club" on the front of them.
This confirms to me 2 things...that it's possible for a high school kid to bench 225 for 17 reps and also that he sounds like one of the guys from my old highschool.
He should buy a shirt with 225 X 17 stenciled on it and walk around the halls...Hahahaha.

Hmmm...Come to think of it...I should buy myself a shirt like that also...


225 x 10 or 11 will give you a 300 max. I went to a bench press calculator at and it calculates out to 405 ( i know there not all that acurate but you get the idea) so I highly doubt this guy is even honest.


By the way can you make ne a shirt like that. Thats pretty sharp.


without knowing your weight, its hard to judge

i used to bench 225 about 10 times when i was 17, but i only weighed about 160

i know arnold could do 225 in reps of 50

this is muscular endurance where talking about now when it comes to reps

im sure arnold couldnt get a 600 pound bench , probably 500, but a guy who could throw 600 up rather nicely may also have trouble pushing 225 for 30-40 or 50 reps

if you weight 200 or more i would say thats average
under 200 would be impressive, over 250 would be kinda weak

better not ask a powerlifter that, thier laughing , the bodybuilders might think thats decent