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hey guys,
my max bench press is 330, just achieved it this past weekend(im 215 lbs). my problem though is that i can only bench 225 like 3 times max and anything higher can only single it. how do i get my reps up


Being the first to call bullshit here. I have never heard of anyone being that fast twitch.


By doing more reps!

Although this big of a discrepency is unusual.

There are numerous systems--my favorite 2 are ladders and rest/pause sequences.

ladders are obviously self explanatory. You simply take your weight and do 1,2,3 reps then repeat ladder. Add 2-5 lbs each time you accomplish a ladder sequence.

Rest pause would be put 230 on your bar do 1or2 rest 10seconds and do 1or2 more depending on level. The short rest lets you lift a little more, but still keeps you in that higher rep scheme. Soon you'll be able to put 3 together and then you increase an do the same with the next weight.


Yeah, that's probably one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.
Your 1 RM is almost 150% of your 3 RM?
Was your spotter doing a bent over row with the bar while you were lifting it?

If by some insane chance this is true, you're wasting your time playing basketball. Start sprinting or professionally lifting, now.


Third bullshit call.

You might've meant 13 instead of 3??


you must be doing a 1 minute negative with a 2 minute pause each rep there lol.

i find this impossible to believe.


That's a pretty big drop-off, but I don't know if it's bullshit. I can only hit 225 for 8 on the bench, but I max 305 . I understand 8 an 305 are alot different than 3 and 330 but you never know. I'd like to hear some of the coaches on here talk about this and maybe provide some fast twitch freak stories.


Yea...that's pretty odd.


I find this very hard to believe so I'll be the fourth to call bullshit on this one.


Unless that's a shirted max and raw one-handed bench with a midget dancing on your stomach I too will jump on the bullshit bandwagon.


Maybe you're not pushing yourself hard enough on the bench for reps, or you're pre-fatiguing yourself before doing a rep test.


i kinow u guys think im calling bullshit, but i got 330 (3 45's, 5's, and 2.5's, plus 45 lb bar)this past sunday. im 18 years old, and have been workin out for like 2 years. now, if u dont believe me, fine, but i need advice. its embarrassing going to football practice and only repping 3 reps with 225 while everyone else is 6+. i dont know how to explain it either, but whenever i rep 225, i get like 3 at the most, and i was on WS4SB template for about 5 weeks before just lifting on a freestyle program. what do you guys think i can do to get stronger/be able to rep?

any advice?


i will test tomorrow how many reps i can get with 225, since i havent done it in about 2 weeks


i usually stretch, then go 135x5, then 185x3, then go to 225 and rep


i wouldnt do any static stretching prior to training... or not immediately prior anyway...

umm, while i dont think your story is very believable you could just try more reps with less weight as a way to develop local muscular endurance...

doing some rest pause style stuff with 225 would be okay too...

ladders etc are okay as well...


i dont have a spotter when i rep, therefore i dont get a lift off and hav to do it myself. could that attritube to a lot of energy expenditure?


That's a large difference, but it's very plausible.

I train Westside for a large part of the year, and usually we work up to a 3-rep set, and then continue with singles. We NEVER do more than one rep on any weight above our five-rep max, when we're training for the competitive lifts. The stronger you get, the larger this difference becomes.

This just means you've got poor strength-endurance.(which most bodybuilders have as a foremost quality, in fact, due to most sets with reps between 6-12)

This has little to do with fiber dominance, it just means you get what you train for.

Start doing sets in a higher rep range, and you'll get there fast.


thank you, i appreciate ur help


so i only got 3 reps tonight. should i use a weight like 185 and shoot for reps in the 8-12 range?


I've got nothing to contribute, just saying that the OP has about the best screenname ever. The fact that he put numbers after it indicates there are other posters named that, which just blows my mind.