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Reps/Sets for Learning Power Clean/Snatch?

I’m just learning the power clean and power snatch. I’m starting each workout with one of these exercises (Monday - power cleans; Thursday - power snatch). I was wondering what would be a good set/rep scheme for someone learning these lifts.

For example, should I just stick with doing singles? Or should I do triples, maybe from the hang (for some reason, starting from the hang position feels really weak/awkward). What’s recommended for someone who wants to focus on getting the form down, learning to explode, while at the same time adding a little weight to the bar?

If it matters, I currently power clean around 185 with alright form (at a bodyweight of 185). I haven’t tried the power snatch yet.

Read ‘Step 3’ of this article: http://www.pendlay.com/feed_detail.asp?id=47&

3reps x 4-5sets.

Volume to learn is my preference or singles in quick succession. Whatever you prefer mate.


Great article! Just what I was looking for.

Thanks for the help. I’m off to power clean now.