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Reps Schemes: Pulldowns vs Chins


If I'm trying to get in the 100 chins as aux work and im gravity challenged would it be better to

A)cut reps to 30-50 and progressively build over weeks
B)Do more volume with pulldowns?
C)A mix, Hit says 10 sets of chins, try and break PR each week for reps then finish of to pulldowns till hit 100 reps?
D)Some other piece of your sage wisdom

Thanks for advice in advance Jim and co.

  1. Cut down the reps per day.
  2. Get stronger overall.
  3. Work up slowly over time.

How you get to the goal reps of the day is up to you. I don’t know how pulldowns equate to chin strength, but I’d look outside the realm a bit and get stronger doing other things besides a machine.


I don’t know how many Chins you can do, but if you can do them with full range of motion then try cutting down the number in each set and add a hold at the top position for a period of time. Holds in various positions (especially at the top) made me really strong in Chin-ups and Pull-ups. I work holds in daily on some of my sets especially on last rep.


I suck at chins, but now I suck less.

The best thing I have done to suck less is take 50% of my max number of chins and do a set between every set of my main lift and/or supplemental lift until I hit my goal for the day.