Reps in GPP

Does everyone use higher reps in GPP?
I am preferring 5x5 at a weight corresponding to 10RM with a minute rest.

Man it depends on what I am doing. If I am dragging a sled the time and speed depends on the load. As do all the movments, and excersizes.

Generally for GPP sessions I just do what feels right. I don’t do a rep set scheme. I go toss a keg or swing a hammer. Sometimes for time. Sometimes till I’m wiped the hell out.

GPP= getting prepared that means lifting heavy things, doing long drawn out tasks of lesser resistance, and everything in between. Mix it up and keep it fun.

Just my 2 cc

I agree, depends on what I’m doing. But usually reps are always higher. 8-10 reps minimum for sled, and uually the same for one arm farmers, two of my favs.

I think I’m with Phill on this one. Generally, I do G.P.P. for time or distance, depending on the move. Having reps makes it feel too “structured”, 'ya know? Like I’ll go for a few timed rounds of punch-kick-knee combos on hand pads, or pull the sled or do farmer’s walks for a set distance, or lift the sandbag or not-so-BFR for time. If I shoot for sets and reps, it feels too much like a workout.