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Reps and Sets Linked with the Weight You Use (5x5)

Got a question about Sets and Reps.
For example if you do a bench series of 5x5. Then do you decrease the weight being used to keep your 5 reps, or do you keep the weight the same of all 5 sets? With the 1st ex. you can get a higher weight in the beginning for lets say 2 sets, then decrease for your other sets if you can’t keep your reps. With the 2nd ex. you start with a little lower weight than you can handle and you can keep going for the full 5x5. The last 2 sets might be you pushing it to reach it.
So which is the best way to perform 5x5? :sunglasses:

all of those methods work. Others like to ramp up to a top set of 5 in 5 sets.

There’s no best way. Try them all and see which you like the best.

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5x5 is all at my working weight.

When I do 5x5 I try to do an AMRAP on my last set. If I get to 6-7 reps I increase the weight the next time. If I grind out just 5 than I usually keep the same weight.

If it is a heavy day I ramp up to one top set.

If it is a light day or if I’m supersetting I’ll go 5 across with the caveat that I may drop weight as needed.

If it is a medium day I’ll work up to 3 top sets.

This is how I train usually, using my working weight through out the 5 sets. If I get it difficult on the last 1 or 2 sets, then I lower the weight to still reach the target of reps…Still this indeed means like you guys are saying that with the weight you start of with, you might indeed get more reps on the 1st and 2nd set.