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Reps and Sets in TBT

Right now I am doing Waterbury’s TBT, and you are suppose to do the following amount of reps and sets for each exercise:

Day 1 - 3x8
Day 2 - 3x5
Day 3 - 2x15

Would it hurt alot to just do 3x8 for simplicities sake?

Do it as written.

There is a reason different set/rep schemes are used during different training sessions. If you only perform 3x8, you’ll hit a plateau quickly and will not get the benefits of targeting strength, hypertrophy and strength endurance all in one week of training.

You mean would it hurt to not do the program as written? A program that has found results as written?

Or in other words, you are asking if you will get results form CW’s TBT if you don’t do CW’s TBT? Is that what you are asking?

If that is what you are asking, yes, it will hurt. Do the program as written or you aren’t doing the program. It is a good one, just so you know.