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Reps and Intensity


ive got a question concerning the rep continuum and the following example:

Bench press, 1 RM = 100kg
than i tested 70% 1 RM and got like 4-5 reps. (with enough rest)
4-5 reps are normaly within the range of relative strength.
So when i am using 70% here, im infact training relative strength??

Is that correct?


Not sure I follow the whole question. Training with 4-5 reps per set is certainly strength work, but if you’re using a legit 70%RM, you should be getting 8 or more reps per set. So either your math is off, your 1RM test was off, or you’ve got some wacky muscle fibers.

This article may help explain percentages: https://www.t-nation.com/training/from-0-to-100-know-your-percentages


Do you train with a rather overzealous spotter who constantly yells,“IT’S ALL YOU BRAH!”?


It sounds like your spotters getting a good deadlift workout to me.

I’m curious about the “relative strength” rep range. Relative strength is strength in relation to your bodyweight, so I’m not quite clear how that would be in any way different from a “strength” rep range (insert standard “rep range” argument here).