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Representing the T-Nation

I was sitting in chem. and heard 3 guys talk about how they’ve “peaked out”. As some of you know, I’m in high school. None of these guys was over 16!!! Two of them are cross-country runners! After I heard them yammering on about how hard it is to gain muscle for five minutes and hearing the words “peaked out” at least 3 times I was ready to whip out a frozen steak and whack heads on behalf of the T-Nation. But, being the calm, peaceful guy I am I calmly told them how it was really impossible for them to have peaked at their age, and that good nutrition and diligent training would get them to their true max in about a decade. Then they responded. Now I need to buy another steak…

Ah, yes, brings back memories of my good ole’ high school days. Maybe you oughta roll up a paper issue of Testosterone Magazine, whack them in the head with it, and then tell them to read it. They might learn something!

That-a-boy SlapMonkey! Great job on setting them straight!..haha

Have a little fun. Copy a picture of Arnold at 16, then one of him near the end of his Olymipia time period (28-29 years Old) and say “Yup. He definitely peaked out at sixteen.”

Best of Luck.