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Repping Deadlifts


Do you guys pause for each rep as to not get the help of the bounce or do you just rep them out quickly? I have been doing 5/3/1 for a few months now and never pause when deadlifting; this is how I have always done it. I like the feeling of just pounding out the reps.

It only recently crossed my mind that I should be pausing, I fear that i'm going to hinder my progress if I keep going the way I am as it will most likely make me weak off the floor.


  • It's going to be a hit to the ego because I have no doubt my rep records will be down 10-30%....


I always pause my deadlift reps, but that's partly because I feel I lose form and turn it into a round-back stiff leg when I start bouncing. However some of the best pullers touch and go their reps (Benni's 880x5 comes to mind) so as long as your form is consistent I don't think it's a problem


my form doesn't break down so that's not an issue


Both ways have their benefits. Do both. Forget about your ego; it won't get you anywhere but it will slow you down. Unless you can pull more than 1015# no one really cares... but if you pulled anywhere near that you probably wouldn't be on here asking about repping dead lifts... lol


I have done it both ways. These days I do every rep from a deadstop. I do it to keep my strength from the floor. Its harder this way, and you might lose a rep or two in comparison to a touch-and-go set, but ego wont get you anywhere in this game.


To bounce is to robb your back (and the back of your legs) of the real benefits of repping the deadlifts. Stop, setup and push with your legs, otherwise you will get hurt sooner or later.


It's called the DEADlift. Shifting heavy ass weight from a dead-stop on the ground.

That said, I can see the benefits of both.


I have tried both and I only make measurable progress when I do touch and go for reps. My form is sometimes better than the first rep. The opposite is true for in that lifting from a deadstop fucks my form up.


I've done both ways for extended periods of time and have come to realize that it doesn't really matter. I can understand why some would say not pausing and getting the "bounce" off the floor would help you do more reps because you can take advantage of the stretch reflex.

The thing is, if you train correctly (i.e. do speed work) you learn to hold a stretch reflex for an extended period of time anyway. Up to 6 seconds in some cases. So, if you are stopping and resetting between each rep for the purpose of not using the stretch reflex, you should probably wait at least 6-10 seconds between each rep.


This is really interesting. Thanks for the insight.


Ive done them both ways. I see the point of both ways. I do think it comes down to the individual lifter though. For me, I have always 1RM better doing touch and go reps. Not sure why, but thats how I am. I use solid form whether TnG of Pause. I do both. It seems the initial pull off the floor is my strong point. My weak point in my pull is just below the knee in transition. So I do speed pulls off plates and Rack pulls to go with floor pulls.

I think if your form is good it doesnt matter, if your banging and using horrible form then your beggin for an injury. I also think there is a difference in touching and going and slamming and bouncing and obtaining a nice rebound in the weight. Staying tight and a light touch and go is just as good IMO.

STB hit in on the head with his assessment.