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Reposting for Help

keepin it short this time…

25 y/o, 5’9, 200 lbs, 12-18% bodyfat, training for 10 years.

Goal: gain some weight but get a lean, harder look.

My testosterone was 280 last year, rechecked last week and now 340.

Week 1-10: Test E 500 mg/week (250 Mon, 250 Thurs) Shorter length b/c of test level.
Week 6-12: Anavar 50 mg/day (so 350/week)

Week 3-12: hcG 3x250IU/week
Week 1-12: Arimidex 0.5 mg/day

Week 13-16: Clomid 100/50/50/50

Thanks for the help.

Way too much a-dex, don’t start it unless you start feeling E2 symptoms, and if you do start it start around 1 mg/week
I would take liver support with 7 weeks of orals (even as mild as var is)
I don’t see any reason to cut the cycle shorter just because you’re starting from a low T level, but it’s your call

Also: the cost of that much var could easily fund your entire second cycle. Food for thought if not on an unlimited budget

run the var for less time at a higher dose, 50mg a day doesn’t do very much. Drop your adex down to 0.5mg eod.

other than that, looks pretty standard.

Will do 60 mg of Anavar weeks 8-12 instead.

Meant to write Adex 0.5 mg eod.

For liver support, anything besides milk thistle?

thanks guys

milk thistle probably won’t do very much to counteract oral AAS, but it’s healthy stuff so worth taking anyway.

If you are really worried get some Liv52, but Var isn’t really all that toxic so I wouldn’t worry.

thanks guys!