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Repost on Carb up days

hey, I posted this a couple days ago on The poliquin diet/support thread but got no answers. MAybe the thread is dead? Anyways I am reposting it because I really need an answer to my question. My question is for anyone following the T-dawg diet or one similar. On carb up days, if my main goal right now is to lose body fat should I carb up at the begging of the day or the last half of the day. Also how many carbs should I ingest(5,9 195 pounds, not sure of BF% right now)

Carb up after your workout. I think shugart redid the guidelines a bit. I didn’t look it up but I think its about 30 grams carbs(might be 50-70) on non-workout days and around 100 gms on workout days, using post-workout shake and meals.Check the search engine for t-dawg diet to be sure. Peace, Tmofa

Tmofa is right about the numbers. I am not sure if it would make a big difference but I would have most carb earlier in the day, most people tryin to loose weight avoid carbs later in the day. peace