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Repost/Link: 'Dozens of MMA Documentaries'




Wow very nice contribution thanks for that! +favorites


Thank Sonny S not me!


I guess this is almost like the mods moving it.


Dass nothing compared to this baller. Check out this post eses:


Let me know if you can't see the links. But I would join the site if i were you guys, takes 1 minute and they have lots of media.


That thread has 26 pages of replies, with a lot of people posting their videos that the original poster doesn't have.

If you want to see what people posted, you'll have to join.

But I will post one special video for the Fedor freaks on this board. Here's one of his MMA seminars:



EDIT: No English translation, sorry


This one you don't have to become a member at



Cool, always good to learn new sources .


word. just making it easier... i hate registering and stuff.


do you still HD space for music and porn




Xen, if I was a girl I'd blow you, so let me just say thank you for these awesome links.

p.s. No I don't have a sister


KMC, i have like a 3 terabyte harddrive i have space for eons.

Schwarz, i appreciate the sentiment lol (cousin?)


myself and my judo club thank you.