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Reporting your MAG-10 Results

Many Forum contributors have reported
excellent results on MAG-10, which is great
because you had good results for yourself and because it implies that others
may do well also. It’s probably also helpful
for other lifters to be able to read how
others achieved their gains (diet and training) and useful for inspiration. But on the Forum what you had to say tends to disappear, and within a week or two people are posting “Has anyone tried MAG-10?”


Pictures would be good if you have them, but they’re not the whole deal since we know it’s possible
to have impressive photos with no actual
changes in the physique whatsoever, or sometimes impressive results don’t seem all that much in photos when compared to exaggerated photos others have done. So if
you have them, great, but if you have only “after” pictures or even no pictures, that’s OK, because being able
to write up some MAG-10 success stories would be
a good thing to promote MAG-10 and help MAG-10 users. I don’t know exactly what can be done to thank those whose contributions are used, but I’m sure it can be something good.

(However, please don’t exaggerate in hopes of getting a jacket or free supps or whatever, and if it seems something is exaggerated then it can’t be used. The real results will do just fine.)

So if you’ve had great results, let Chris Shugart know: cs@t-mag.com


I just finished my first 2 week cycle of Mag-10 using the growth surge and massive eating protocols and gained 12 lbs of LBM in 2 weeks !!! I am now using M and tribex-500 to keep my gains. What an amazing product and Oh by the way the pumps are INSANE!!!

Thanks Biotest!!!

Kraig Youmans