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Reporting Gay to the CORPS


Recently I befriended this gay guy who is in the Marines..... I'm not really comfortable with the whole gay thing but I do my best to tolerate it because I'm not about being an ass to people (in real life anyway).

Anyway this kid started getting really clingy, calling several times per day, sending tons of emails and IMs, etc. I didn't know what to do, so I continued tolerating it and acting as though there was nothing bizarre about his behavior. Apparently, that sent the wrong message. I just logged into my myspace account and discovered a message from him explicitly detailing the things he wants to do to my "tasty and fresh bod".

He knows that I'm not gay and his advance is totally unwelcome and distressing. I'm thinking about reporting this to the Marine Coprs along with the email evidence. Do you think this is necessary, or would I be going to far?


I suggest you announce your intent to him first and suggest he stop bothering you. If he doesn't repond, report away.


Reporting him to the Marines would almost certainly be going too far. What he has done to you thus far is nothing but an annoyance. It may be a major one, but it has had no lasting destructive effects upon your life. Reporting him would, of course, have a lasting destructive effect upon his life.

I suggest that you politely yet firmly request that he cease harassing you or, if you wish, cease any communication whatsoever. If he does not heed those requests, then and only then should you think about taking it to the next level.


I agree, reporting him is a pretty major step when you haven't even told him you arent interested.

Give him a firm but fair "fuck off" first...


I actually sent him a very derogatory reply immediately after I recieved his message.... it was a knee-jerk reaction, because I was pretty disturbed by his message. but I think it's sufficient nonetheless.


Great advice. Ruin someone's life because they made an inappropriate comment. What a passive-aggressive, pussy response.

There are already too many vindictive little pricks in this world. Don't be one of them.

Just go with something firm. Make it a 'me' statement (as ooposed to a 'you' statement): "I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression, but I don't swing that way and I feel afronted by your explicit comments/suggestions. Please stop these advances immediately."



From this and virtually EVERY OTHER POST you've written, the stench of immature asshole comes wafting.

Tell the guy "No, thank you."


HA this is funny. Anyways I wouldn't bother reporting him when I was in the beloved Corps we had guys say they were gay just to try and get out and the First Sgt would laugh and tell them to get out of his sight. If he really pisses you off jump him in a dark alley and break his fingers so he can't type anymore.


I think you should sleep with him first before you make any rash judgements.


Sound advice. He might give a really good blowjob.



Haha, so true. When I was in FAST we had a guy say he was gay and he got sent to the fleet to hump 81mm mortar tubes (kinda fitting...).

Don't report the guy to the Marines. If he's doing his job well then there's no need for them to get rid of the guy or for you to ruin his life because of his sexual orientation (that's anouther debate). I would have rather served with a gay guy who minds his buisiness and is professional then some of the fuck-ups who slip through the cracks in bootcamp.



Your problem is that you haven't been firm enough with him. You should have already aggressivley told him how you dont appreciate his behavior.

Running to the Marine Corp is like running to your mom. Solve your own problems. If you can't convey yourself then shame on you. If you do convery yourself well and he doesn't listen to you- shame on him, then take it to the next level of authority.

If you know anything about being in the military or being a man- you solve your problems on the lowest possible level first!!!

And before you run to the marines, have you ever thought about just ignoring this guy.




Sound advise. First find out if he is a picher or a catcher.


Even better advice, since you're not so comfortable with the gay thing you could pitch, MUCH less gay.


Great point. Close your eyes and pretend he is a woman. Then you would still be straight.


Dude, he's totally pulling a Cpl. Klinger! He wants you to turn him in.


I don?t know, if you do it, do both, you only live once...


Until you do the Tubesteak Boogie, you can never be truly sure that you aren't gay.


Pretty good advice so far. But I'd also ask your father to join in. Maybe get his father too.