Reported Members - A Waste of Time, Them Being in my Threads

Okay they do not like my log I do not really care but they continue to hijack it with nonsense posts, they were told to leave but they insist on visit the log, to talk about irrelevant things saying I piss them off and I have to stop posting in this community.

I reported them but they continue to come back, I do not have time for this, can’t a moderate sort it out? I have no issue in sub-forum at all, it is just the training log.

I simply have a goal, to report my progress in training log, ask questions about this sports in sub-forum because I enjoy it a lot.

I got great advice but it is just three or four who sit there “fixated” on my training log and their justification for being pissed goes against the guideline of this sport. I was assured by some female now competing bodybuilders, that they all started lifting those little pinky dumbbells at the gym and progressed over time, I have nothing to be ashamed off and I think the poster will take advantage, that although they were reports, they still can continue to violate the forum rules

IF my log does not resonate with them, they are more than welcome to leave it for good but they insist to come back to continue talk about either nonsense or irrelevant things that sound like a really bad advice compared to the guidelines of the professionals in this sports or just talk about their feelings which is not really my concern nor problem since they were asked to leave multiple times from my threads.

@khangles got any gifs?


My question to the forum administration what is the point of this feature then (I have never seen it in any other forum which suggest the intention to keep it a civil community: I could possibly be in the wrong place and I am already posting my log somewhere else even before I started to post here)

Thanks for helping to keep our community civil!

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Every post you flagged/reported was reviewed. None were found to be out of line or unacceptable and nobody violated forum rules.

You can disagree with what people post. We’re all grown ups here (more or less) and we should be able to handle conflicting opinions and, maybe, some gruff words. That doesn’t mean posts need to be deleted.


Dude, the only person in that thread that looks bad is you. Three of the most knowledgeable people on this forum attempted to give you advice (that you asked for) and then you just randomly started talking shit. You can’t even pick up an empty 20kg bar, but the chick with the 400 lb squat gave you stupid advice? Yeah, ok…


This has to be the smartest thing you’ve said
since you’ve been on here.

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