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Report from the Road

Over the last month, I have been traveling from airport hotel to airport hotel setting up, testing centers and testing screeners. So I have only been able to send a few minutes each week visiting t-mags forum.

Here are some training notes:
I took a pressure chin-up bar with me so I now do Chin-ups, Pull-ups, levers and Hanging Leg raises with the bar near the top of the door.
With the bar near the middle of the door, I have worked up to ten one arm chin-ups for sets. I have also found that I can use a contractor grade trash bag filled with water for a number of interesting exercises (Just stay in the tub ;0). Crytal rock had built handles into their water bottles and these make some really intering dumbbells. Of course, I am using elevated clapping push-ups and handstand push-ups. So far the gyms where I have been stay have been sad fitness centers.
Best of Luck.

Keep up the good work. Your committment and creativity are a good examplet to us all. What about picking up some resistance bands and doing some high rep work to complement the rest of what you are doing?

I don’t know what your travel allowance is, but I recall an article in Men’s Health (I think) that talked about gyms in close proximity to many airports. The thrust of the article was that if you had a long lay-over (or in your case, have to stay there), these gyms were either a short cab ride away or actually on the airport premises. I don’t know if that is of any interest to you, but thought I would let you know just in case.

On a side note, I travel pretty extensively and have been VERY impressed with the quality of the screeners and the improved screening process in some airports (i.e., Tampa), but still remain somewhat unimpressed (I am being nice) with many others (i.e., Newark).

Hey, where did you purchase the chin up bar you described? I’d love to have something like that.

Just a clarification: you meant to say one-hand chin-ups, right? (I.e., you hold the bar with one hand while the other holds the gripping hand’s wrist.) Not one-arm chins…?

If it wasn’t a typo and you really can do one-armed chins for sets of ten, I hereby nominate you as the T-Mag Forum Prime Stud. (Or, as MBE would say, the TMFPS!)

  1. I got the chin-up bar at Sports Authority, it is the common screw type that has rubber washers on the end to keep from damaging the door.
  2. Yes, I am doing one handed chins, but it is not as impressive as it sounds. a) First, lie on your back in the doorway and extend your arm. Now touch the side of the door frame. This is where you install the bar. b) Lying on your back (I put pillows under me) reach up and grab the bar. c) Now pull and touch your chin to the bar. It is not very pretty, but it gets the job done.
    Since my feet remain in contact with the floor, I am most likely only pulling a small fraction of my body weight. Before I left my gym for this job, I was doing chin-ups with fifty pounds attached to my 200 pound frame. So, I figure I am only pulling many 100 pounds. I have always been good at pulls (former gymnasty and technical climber).
    Best of Luck.

off the track a little… but a rockclimbing friend of mine does one arms for sets of twelve - sure he’s a scrawny fucker but its still pretty awesome to watch. As for exercises on the road i find weighted vests to be really useful particularly combined with clapping push ups, and chin ups. I find the hardest thing with constant travelling is eating right…

Pretty impressive, my friend. Glad to hear that you’ve designed a workable routine with what is at hand. Those one-arm chins definitely sound like they’re worth a try as well. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Take care, and watch out for the questionable travel food!!

I don’t know if you made it down to Florida for training sessions, but, as a new screener in the Sarasota area, I appreciate all of the trainers for the hard work and LONG hours they put in. Thanks!