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Replacing the Bench Press...


As I near 40..two more years...I've become convinced I should greatly reduce the amount of bench pressing I do...though I will never give it up..

What movements should I use to replace the bench? I've used floor presses and decline presses before, and I like them..but I'm looking for more options.



Some folks swear by incline presses and dips to a depth wear the upper arms are parallel to the floor, if longevity of pressing while enabling development is the concern. Something about the angle of pressing on those seems to be healthier for the shoulders.


floor press, dumbell benching. And how are you benching? Bad form is the #1 cause leading to shoulder problems, from what I have seen.


Ditto. Also blast strap push-ups are great.


Totally blew out a shoulder years ago doing martial arts, so I can't bench heavy. I have found that pushups are very do-able and if you aim for single-armed ones you can still stay strong. If you are really serious, try doing one-armed ones with a weight vest on. You can add a handclap, but you'll have to break that date with Lois Lane first....

The point for me is that heavy benching inhibits movement of the scapula. Pushups allow it to move so I can do a ton of those. There are lots and lots of variations you can do to, like cross-overs, dive-bombers (a vastly underrated all-around exercise), spidermans, sit-throughs and so forth.

Give it a shot and see if these help. I've seen a lot of guys who try to bench heavy way past their expiration date and get messed up. If you like them, I can give fill you in on a bunch of variations to try. Offset them with rows and YWTLs too.

-- jj


I switched to close grip bench only. It took a month or so but my shoulder pain is gone. Now I'm trying to get my cgb to where my regular bench was.


There's an expiration date?

Awe Crap! I knew it couldn't be this good.

Where do I find it?


In my case they had to do an MRI of my neck and count the rings.



i do db benches on a stability ball. supports the back of the shoulder a little, lets the shoulder blade move, and you have to control the weight more. try it. use a small, tight stability ball. sit on it with the db on your thighs, walk your feet out to where your upper back in on the ball, hips level with your chest. press, control the weight so it doesn't bounce. repeat. when finished, set/drop the weight to the ground.

try it with like 50s for a while, then work your way up. I love it. I also use it for inclines, just drop your ass and hold the ball on the center of your back, play with the angle, press.

dips, always some dips. i'm heavy so BW is good for me,,,

I made this today....my trainer got me doing this after I complained about my shoulder pain. HUGE difference. Works great.[video]1713[/video]

here it is incline. great movement...try it.[video]1714[/video]


What convinced you and what do you do them for,ie, bodybuilding, sports?