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Replacing OHP day with a 2nd Bench day


This question encapsulates everything that is wrong with training and the internet. OP obviously wants to do something. Instead of ACTUALLY DOING IT he takes to the internet to ask people if he should do it, thinking someone can persuade him one way or the other (in essence sidestepping all responsibility for results). Here's an idea: just do it and see what happens. You'll learn far more from doing something than talking about it.


In all fairness, there's an article on Jims blog about a trainer who has subbed out ohp for incline press. Now, Jim has said it is only permissible when you have experience, know what you're doing, and in rare circumstances. The gentleman who subbed the exercise works with school football athletes I believe and as such is more knowledgeable than most of us. There are a few programs that don't really push the ohp. Pavels two day powerlifting template comes to mind. You squat and deadlift once a week each and bench on both days. Some say the bench can be trained more frequently than other lifts.


I wrote the thread about training high school athletes. I did sub out OHP for incline, but it was because of space and efficiency. We have two incline benches, only one rack at the time and limited floor space. They could have cleaned the weight, but the weight room gets packed with a lot of other people training when my guys are in there and the risk reward did not seem worth it.

If we had the space, I'd have them OHP. Personally, I've dropped the bench in the past and focused on my press to see what would happen. After a few months, I added bench back in and it had gone up. I didn't do any bench variations, just presses and dips. When my press is going well, my bench is going even better


Keep the OHP and then try these for assistance...


To ACTUALLY DO IT like you say i have to wait until the OHP day ACTUALLY COMES. So i WILL do it dont worry..