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Replacing Oatmeal with Grits?


I need a change from oatmeal can I replace it with grits? The nutrition guide looks pretty good but im not sure if grits will cause a insulin spike.


if your going to choose "grits" look for Polenta. The only ingredient in polenta is "corn grits" and it has more protein and fiber than regular refined quick grits.


I thought it said, "Replacing oatmeal with Girls."


I've never eaten grits. Am I missing out?


I know a few guys in Golds Gym where I workout swear by it. They switch to it when they get tired of oatmeal. I have never tried replacing oatmeal but after a year im tired of the stuff. I need something new to try and if its as good as oatmeal as far as nutrition im game.


I like grits. Ronnie eats them, so they'll definitely get you huge. Lol. But seriously, I've seen a video of him using grits and protein powder for his on the go P+C meals. I don't think theres anything wrong with them.


For those of you tired of oatmeal, you might want to consider Bob's Red Mill hot cereals. I alternate oatmeal with the
7 grain:

and High Fiber:

with cinnamon, they're unbeatable (unless you add berries, of course)


Bob's Red Mill is a rip off. Buy in bulk.


I still like some of Bob's Red Mill stuff.

I'm sure they are big boys and can handle their finances.


Actually, I get the Bob's Red Mill at Ocean State Job Lot (a New England Outlet chain). Dirt cheap there.