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Replacing Myo Sets in BDWPFNL 2

Thoughts on replacing Myo Sets with the Countdown Method. That method where you do 5 reps then a 5 second isometric hold, 4 more reps then a 4 second isometric hold, 3 reps then a 3 second isometric hold etc. all the way to 1.
I find with the myo sets I recover too fast in 20 seconds and can do like 10 sets of 3. If I go too heavy to where I’m below 5 myo sets, I lose my mind muscle connection. Especially when doing rear delt flyes.
Will the countown method provide a similar fiber fatigue as to what’s outlined in the program? I feel like the pauses at full contraction would be a nice counter punch to the loaded stretch of the mTOR sets.

Thanksin Advance

You don’t rest 20 sec with myo reps, take 3-5 deep breaths.

But yeah, the countdown method will work too

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